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    ISC YouTube Video Contest - Submit educational videos and earn money, win prizes

    Hello Everybody,

    Once again we are back with another exciting contest in ISC, ISC YouTube Video Contest. Submit your self-taken videos (meaning the video should be your own, shot by you) along with a keyword-rich search engine optimized description and win prizes along with cash credits. The video content should be related to education/college/school/course topics. For example, you can take a video of your college campus with its infrastructure & facilities, include a couple of Q&A sessions with students to get feedback about the college, etc.

    How to participate:
    To participate in this contest, shoot a short video which complies to the below mentioned rules & regulations and upload it using the link mentioned below. After uploading, leave a response in this announcement thread along with a Description, which will be used as Video Description in YouTube.

    Rules & Regulations:

    1. Videos should be self created and copyright free, complying with YouTube Standard License.

    2. Videos should not carry any background music, instead the you may give a narration about the subject.

    3. Videos should be more than 2:00 minutes in length to qualify the contest.

    4. The size of the video should not exceed 100 MB. Supported formats: .mp4, .mpeg, .3gp, .flv, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .wav, and .webm.

    5. Video should be unique and informative.
    6. Videos created on education/college/school/course topics only will be accepted as valid entries.

    7. Adult subject oriented videos will be disqualified.

    8. Videos will be uploaded by the admin of ISC in ISC's official YouTube Channel and will not carry any credits to the creator, except the mention of their name in the description. That means your name will be mentioned in the description along with your ISC profile URL. That also means that you cannot add any kind of overlay texts related to video credit/courtesy.

    9. Submitted video should be freshly created for the contest. Submission of already published videos will result in disqualification.

    10. Multiple entries are allowed. This contest is open for all ISC members including Editors.

    11. After uploading your videos, leave a response to this announcement along with a keyword rich search engine optimized description which will be used in YouTube.


    1. Cash credits will be awarded to valid entries.

    2. Number of winners/runner-ups/consolation prizes & the 'prize' amount will be announced shortly, as discussion with ISC admin is still going on.

    Where to upload:
    Upload your videos here: ISC Video Uploader

    Last date of Submission: 30th June 2017

    If you have any query related to this contest, you may leave a response below.

    So, let the game begin! All the best!!
  • #600236
    Respected Sir , First we upload video on youtube after copy the url and paste in ISC link or Make a Video and save in computer and browse in ISC link

  • #600247
    Hi Seema Mittal, first we have to make video then we have upload it in the ISC video uploader link given. Then your video will be uploaded to the YouTube channel by the admin. You need not to upload video to the YouTube personally.

  • #600259
    Like Seema, I too got doubt as the editor has mentioned in point no 10, after uploading video, we should leave a response here but it said, ISC will upload the video. More clarification is needed.

    Another doubt, adult subject oriented means what, and what kind of educational video's audience?

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #600267
    Saroja, We will have to upload the video to ISC through given link and inturn ISC will upload it to Youtube channel. We have to leave comment here after uploading to ISC and not to Youtube.

    One example of audult subject oriented educational may be sex education.

    - Manjunath Bhat

  • #600289
    Why not Sultan has come out with clarification?
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #600294
    I am also in same position. The rule for the contest is not clear to me. So, can any member from admin panel clarify it?

  • #600351
    The instruction is very clear. Read the sentence - Where to upload: ISC Video upload.

    First shoot your video film.Copy it into your gadget and give a file name, Come back to this thread, click the link ISC Video uploader. Give your Name and user ID. click the FILE, browse your video file and click it. Then press submit button. That's all.

    Post a message in this thread that you have uploaded your file(name).Rest will be done by ISC.

    No life without Sun ¤

  • #600356
    Here's my detailed response:
    1. Create the video.
    2. Go to the above mentioned uploader page. Follow the instructions there and upload.
    3. Come back to this announcement thread and leave a response mentioning your entry. In the same response, write a keyword rich search engine optimized description.

    That's all. After that we'll be checking your entries and confirm receipt here.

    Lead Editor - Articles,
    Managing Award Crediting

    If success is 1, then its definite that you're starting from Zero!

  • #600357
    Clarification on Rule No 6: Videos should be suitable for all age viewers. Topics which are not suitable for below 18, are not accepted. I doubt there are any scopes in this contest subject, that will violate this rule. But still, to eliminate all the possibilities this rule no 6 has been added.
    Lead Editor - Articles,
    Managing Award Crediting

    If success is 1, then its definite that you're starting from Zero!

  • #600406
    I am a teacher. Can I upload a video to teach student any topic by using board and marker pen?
    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #600407
    It is really a wonderful contest . I am using video editing software to make YouTube videos like Filmore , VideoScribe etc. Can I upload educational videos which are created using software?
    Can I use my Youtube channel name in these videos?

    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

  • #600648
    Hi Hakimuddin And Phagu,
    As of now, we are mainly looking for educational institution related videos.
    Videos recorded by any camera is allowed as of now and, as the Rule no 7 states, you cannot use your channel name in videos.

    Lead Editor - Articles,
    Managing Award Crediting

    If success is 1, then its definite that you're starting from Zero!

  • #600665
    Does EDUCATIONAL videos includes certain tutorials related to How-Tos, Hacking etc...?

    Please clarify...

    Be the Hero of the zero hour!

  • #600694
    Sir, please tell me more about the last 10 rule what should we do for uploading the video and what type of rich text format we should reply at this thread.
    Please give me some information about that and give me the answer to this question.

    Reguards -

  • #600716
    So good contest is this I am very much eager and very much interested to join this contest.
    Reguards -

  • #601440
    John, as mentioned, we are focusing on videos created on educational institutions.

    Sukanya, description text should have keywords for the topic, i.e. institution name, area name, state name, department names, etc. topic/subject related keywords.

    Lead Editor - Articles,
    Managing Award Crediting

    If success is 1, then its definite that you're starting from Zero!

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