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    Online flash sale tricks; are they genuine and working?

    Nowadays many new launch smart phones are sold online in flash sales. Many of us would have felt desperate and disappointed not able get the products booked in these. I had one instance when I tried on many days, that also after waiting for a week each time for next sale date, and still not coming successful. So I just left it and never tried for it again.
    Currently the RedMi 4 A flash sale is on in Amazon. I was just watching the site for academic sake without involving in that. I found that in very short time the quota and even wait list is full.
    But I saw in the net some offers like " Trick to buy Redmi 4, Redmi 4 Script, How to Buy Redmi 4, Amazon Redmi 4 Flash sale, Trick to Buy Redmi 4A Flash Sale Script Auto-Buy on Amazon " etc promising easy trick to be successful in ordering the product in flash sale.

    Are these genuine? Do you have any experience in using them? What is your general view about such flash sales and experience till now?
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    My experience with these flash sales also like yours only. Number of times I tried. But I couldn't get any item booked. I asked my sons. They say they keep very less number for these flashes sales and they will be over within no time. But people will be trying for that. This is a selling gimmick only. But some onsite sales they announce reduced prices for a day or two days like that. Those days my sons tried and able to book smartphone. These are not flash sales. It is for a particular period of time. Introductory offers also come. Those can also be tried, We can't depend on these flash sales.
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    I am sure there will be some tricks people will be using. There will be some naive people who will be trying and trying, some who will be just lucky and some who would be using some short cut method and ricks. I have seen many such tricks being offered. So it seems ISC members have not noticed or experienced that.

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    In marketing anything is possible to garner the support of the buyer. The online marketing companies and the tele shopping channels are virtually cashing on the weakness of the desperate buyers who are on look out for discount sale, special offer sale, last day sale etc which gets lots of discount. Now a days trip to Goa has been doing rounds in tele shopping. Many offers are given with even 20 000 as cash back which I feel over action marketing strategy. Even hotel bookings on net has become nasty with offer in the morning and sold out board in the evening which cannot be believed.
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    I am having hard time buying the phone since May. In past I waited till 3 months after the flash sale ending to get the phones. I think these flash sales are dragged a lot these days. I wonder if Xiaomi is serious in continuing this sort of stuff despite having issues with the flash sale. In such case I guess people will move to other brands. Oppo is taking a good lead these days. So I'm going to switch over to other brands if I don't get those phones.

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    I have not bought anything through flash sale, but I have heard it is genuine. One of my friends had bought a phone through this mode.

    I also know a phone dealer who buys phones through flash sales. All he told me is that there are ways to manipulate the system. They buy many gadgets and sell them at discounted price, but still, make a profit.

    You need to have patience and need to keep at it, as soon as the offer opens.

    And adding to Mohan's point - I was buying some dresses fro my daughter and everything would work fine until I got to the payment option. Once there I would receive a notification that the selected items are no longer available. This has happened to me a couple of times on a few sites.

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