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    Chemical engineering

    Chemical engineering is the most versatile branch of engineering. They are callead as universal engineers who possess knowledge in physics chemistry, biology, mathematics. the basic objective of this field is to convert some raw material into valuable products in a profitable manner. So it's a wonderful branch of engineering without them the we cannot survive in mother planet.
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    Chemical Engineering is nothing but application of Chemistry. Basic knowledge is very much required for a chemical Engineer. Chemistry is also a very important subject. Without Chemistry there is no chemical engineering. A chemist develops a process on laboratory scale and a chemical engineer scales it up to plant level. Chemical Engineering is a very good subject. A human body is also a chemical Engineering factory. Here the raw materials are the foods we eat. Final product is the energy and the effluent is what we leave out. Really God is a great chemist and a chemical Engineer. Our body is having almost all control and systems a chemical factory will have.

    So a chemical Engineer should not forget chemistry at any time. There are many thing a chemical engineer has to do for environment protection. Lot of work is going on in that direction by both chemists as well as chemical engineers.

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    Yes as opined by the author chemical engineering is a core subject through which the student can go to greater heights as the demand for chemical engineer is more in foreign countries too. In India too there are government openings for this stream and luckily my boy also taken this stream and doing in a prestigious college. It all depends on the respective students, how they give importance to the studies. Those who are maintaining the lead in any field would get highlighted and they are most sought after. In chemical engineering too apart from studies, the student must be ready to accept postings anywhere in India or world.
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    Hey, I'm studying Chemical engineering. The way you are lauding us chemical engineers, I just hope we are worth it.
    Well, we are frequently taught in our college that chemical engineers are required everywhere. They say that every industry needs atleast one chemical engineer. My question is- if that is the situation, why isn't chemical engineering very popular? Leave the prospects. Talking about competition too, there are a very few colleges producing chemical engineers as of today in India.
    Is this because of ignorance or chemical engineering is losing it's prospects in India?
    It's not even that hard a course to be honest. Still, every year our college being one of the most reputed chemical engineering colleges ,face diminishing numbers of students.

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