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    By painting the outer wall with black color, can we reduce the sun heat inside the rooms ?

    We all know that this time the summer was very scorching and many a times we faced increased heat during the period and for those elders and children it was hell of the time spending inside the house during afternoons when the heat would be more and cannot be tolerated. So some people have painted their out walls with black color and they feel the heat would be reduced inside. Does any of our members tried this idea. If yes share your experience otherwise try this idea which is practiced by every owner.
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    I think white works better, as it reflects heat.

    We had the roof of one of the houses we stayed in coated with heat reflective paint. It works well, and the temperature does drop by a few degrees. Another method that worked for us was placing palm leaves, like a thatch, on the roof - you just need to entwine them and place them on the terrace floor. You do not need to build a shed or something. Just place heavy stones or bricks to keep them from flying off. Worked like a charm.

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    We have coated roof of the house with heat resistant painting and we found that inside the house heat was less. It worked well. But once rains start the coating will go away. So every year we have to get it coated. Mainly heat will come from the roof. so we should have the painting to the roof than to the outer walls. This painting helped very well. Inside falls roof is another way to avoid heat in the house. I have seen some people keeping a layer of thermo coal sheet on the terrace and and apply a layer of white cement on the top. It is good for heat reduction in the house. However palm or tadi trees on the roof top will be good. In olden days houses are closed at the top with clay tiles with inside wooden lining. That is also a good way to feel cool inside the house.
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    As DR. N V Srinivas rao said , painting the roof of the house with heat resistant paint helps better to reduce the heat inside the house to some extent. These days in summer temporature is becoming too high, so that it can't be tolarated by human mainly kids and aged persons.

    So taking some measures like painting roof with hear resistant paint and covering the roof top will help to some extent to reduce heat.

    And one also make sure to take more liquid items like coconut water, lassi, butter milk etc. To reduce our body temporature.


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    I know a guy who painted his house with tar and tar being black, it attracted lot of heat and inside his house it almost feels heat. And no matter which season his house is too hot. So tar paint idea turned out to be a waste. And that's not all it contributed to the more heat in the house. Inside your house make sure to paint with light colors. That way light colors will able to keep the roofs properly light circulated. And also the dark colors if used to paint the top will keep the ambiance. So walls should be painted with the light color. And it is the roof that is colored with the dark colors or strong colors. This is good from both sun heat perspective and also from the light circulation perspective.

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    People generally apply tar, especially on the terrace, to prevent seepage. I stayed in a house where the previous occupants had put tar on the roof - the house was like a furnace, especially in peak summer. The only place that was cool was the long corridor, which had a long loft, which acted as a false ceiling. I would sit there during power cuts because that was the only cool place in the house. Coating the house with tar is definitely not a good idea.
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    I agree with Juana that using thatch remains spread over the roof and also the Khas Khas mats spread over the roof may reduce the heat to much extent.
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    Just simply spread the coir peeled out of the coconut on the terrace or over the sheets and wet them fully. The water on the coir will stay long and keep the rooms cool. The heat effect would be from the top of the house, not much from the side walls. Painting the wall black is a wasteful effort which will have no good effect but an adverse effect.
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    Heat resistant paint or light colored paint or white paint on roof may help to some extent in reducing the heat inside the house.
    As black color is a good absorber of light it may not help rather increase the heat inside.
    A good remedy which is already suggested above is to spread the thick coir sheet and wet it thougroly. This may be quite practical for a small or medium roof tops.

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