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    If husband is transferred, wife has to take charge –in police too

    This is about an IPS couple in Kerala.This is no allegation of nepotism or corruption. This is just a coincidence in otherwise legitimate routine transfer, handing over and taking over.
    As such things are very rare I thought to share this.

    We have heard of spouses working in same department, or in same office. But one handing over charge to another is heard very rare. Of course in politics we have heard many such happenings. The famous one is a state CM handing over charge to his wife.

    The present transfer and appointment of a new incumbent would have gone unnoticed had it not been the case of real life husband and wife being the persons involved. Ajeetha Begum is the new city Police Commissioner for Kollam. She is taking charge from the outgoing Commisioner Satheesh Bino, who is her husband too.

    More details can be read from news sites Kerala's cop couple: Ajeetha IPS takes charge of Kollam from husband Satheesh IPS) or

    I feel the handing over and taking over can be done with utmost faith and trust than when two strangers are involved.How do you view this? Do you know similar examples ? .
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    Handing/taking over charges by the high officials is a formality, only to affix their signature on the papers. The papers are prepared by the personal assistant. They copy the same old handing/taking over notes with little alterations to the numbers here and there. The husband and wife relationship exists only at home, and not in the office. In your case, the party will hand/take over charges with full faith without questioning anything related to their office. It would be a blind handing/taking over of charges.
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    I am sorry, but the news published in the link provided does not corroborate with what is mentioned in this post.

    I read the news and it does not mention anything that has even a faint semblance to this statement – "She is taking charge from the outgoing Commissioner Satheesh Bino, who is her husband too." Or this – "…spouses working in same department, or in same office. But one handing over charge to another is heard very rare."

    The news published in the Deccan Chronicle clearly states that the couple will be at the helm of the Police Department – with the husband Satheesh Bino as the Kollam City Police Commissioner and his wife, Ajeetha Begum as the Rural SP.

    What I understand is that they are taking over offices in the Police Department, not taking over from each other. The husband has not been transferred out; he is coming in as the new Police Commissioner. The couple is heading separate units.

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    Anyhow the charge handing over and taking over will happen in only profession. But not in family life. If it is happening in the profession between two persons who are related in real life will be very rare, but it may happen some times.

    I was working in a company as General Manager near Hyderabad. My brother was working as DGM in a sister concern of the same Organisation. I was promoted as Vice President of another Unit of another sister concern.
    My brother was promoted as GM and posted to the unit where I was working. So I handed over the charge to my brother and shifted to the new place. Of course this happened in a private organisation between brothers.

    Some times it may happen.

    Generally Government will post wife and husband in the same place so that they may live together. That is how these two police officers might have got the postings. It is good to hear.

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    The news came in Malayalam newspapers. But for ISC I had to give a link that gives details in English. So link is for that latest news. Deccanchronicle link is of an old report about the couple. Anyway I am giving the link for Malayalamanorama newspaper.below:

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    The author has indeed confused the piece of information. It is true that Ajitha Begum took over the charge of City Police Commissioner at Kollam in Kerala from her husband Satish Bino who has been transferred to another district. Ajitha was serving as Rural SP in Kollam when Satish was the Commissioner. The media had given importance to this otherwise regular feature because a wife taking over charge from the husband or vice-versa is rare as said by Venikeswaran sir.

    Since the attachment of the Malayalam daily won't be much help to most of our members, I am taking it off.

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    First of all Ajeetha Begum who is the new city Police Commissioner for Kollam must feel happy that she is taking charge from the outgoing Commisioner Satheesh Bino who happens to be her husband. This is very rare case of happening and it has many things to discuss. Having two police commissioners in a family is rare and being posted in the same district is also rare. When people are praying for at least one government job, here both of them are police commissioners. One thing is sure the staff would be happy to have the new commissioner as they are habituated with the old one.
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    Though it has come to the limelight, really the position of the real two, that is couple is really should be thought of. There are services, couple cannot take it for granted or apply for the same place to work while in many government services, people take advantage over this and because of that others may get affected by replacing the one.

    Those who are in central government services should have come across this kind. Of late, when many girls have come into the services of technical say railways, they have to do at par with male members and we can easily see this in many rural railway stations.

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    Even if the news is true, it is nothing but a happy coincidence.
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    It is a rare incidence that wife takes over from hubby and thanks to the policy makers for giving the benefit to working couple to stay together at the same place.

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