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    I have a question for you.

    Hi friends, I have a question for you.

    By this time, all of you are in front of PC/laptops.

    Just watch your keyboard. The left most six letters in upper case are Q,W,E,R,T, and Y. It is called QWERTY keyboard.

    The keyboard layout was designed in the year 1873 as a typewriter keyboard. It is unbelievable that we are following the same keyboard even after 144 years.
    Common letters are scattered all over the key board and concentrating them on the left side. A whole series of tricks were used in the layout to force a typist to type the letters as slow as possible.

    Why is it so?

    We all are adapted to this layout. If somebody changes it, will you accept?

    Will it remain same forever?

    Funny answers, creative answers, technical answers, all answers are welcome
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    This QWERTY type keyboard is established by Sholes & Glidden. Still this is the type very widely used. There are some other key board are also known but not used widely. DVORAK type and DHIATENSOR are another two types . But not received any good attention.

    The main reason for this lay out may be to avoid or reduces as much as possible internal clashing of type bars. For this reason only the commonly used letters are farther from each other. It is made to see that the typist will type as slow as possible to avoid these clashes.

    The reason for very well use of this key board is the ease in typing the word 'typewriter' even though we are not well versed in fingering of key board. Initially when the type writers were brought into usage, the company representatives used to explain that typing is very use and they used to make the customers to type the word 'Typewriter' . To type that is very easy as all the letters are in the same line. This has given an advantage to the sellers.

    If anybody have a better designed keyboard there many not be any problem in accepting the new version. But it should have good advantages.

    always confident

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    Change is permanent. I have adjusted my mind for that. You can't control change. And it's always better to adapt to new things.

    Almost every laptop has flexible layout for typing. But recently Lenovo came up with very uncomfortable keyboard layout for their GX series laptop. And I am typing it form this laptop. Extremely hard to type and it pains my shoulder. I would rather use mouse for all day instead of using this keyboard. But I guess this is how it works. Even HP switched to similar layout recently.

    Though the layout is QWERTY but the way these buttons are placed, it makes it extremely hard to type.

    But as you know change is in the air. And I have to adapt to it. So I don't resist things I can't control.

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    By keeping the little finger on the letter Q we are sure to have no mistake of typing and that too with speed. No one knows as to who designed the key board and with QWERTY method which is now followed universally and accepted too. I could see the same pattern is followed even on the cell phones. My daughter is so fast in typing the letters on phone and I some time wonder as to how much experience they have in doing with ease. Even on lap top some people actually search for letter and then type. But for the regulars the exiting format is good and no one would accept changed format.
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    I don't think QWERTY format needs a change. People are perfectly content with the format. The typing speed and accuracy won't be maintained otherwise. Thanks to you I came to know today why keyboards,keypads or any typing machine is having this weird "QWERTY" format.
    The way these amazing type machines are designed is very much appreciable. Everything you need is right at your reach.

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