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    Farmer's strike in Maharashtra is Good or bad?

    Farmer's strike in Maharashtra is Good or bad? This time lot of peoples suffering for vegetables ,milk and other things due to strike .

    I am in Mumbai and not getting milk easily and I do not know what will happen in future . What do you think how Government should handle this situation.

    As per my point of view Some demands like rate of vegetable should be acceptable its real issue. I am farmer background so I know the situation .
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    There is no question of good or bad. When the farmers are suffering for want of minimum support price, it is the government which must act fast. There should not be any politics here. Farmers are the back bone of our Economy and our daily livelihood depends on them very much. The wastage of milk, the throwing away of fruits and vegetables on the road is the frustration expressed by the farmers which would have lasting effect on state governments. No government has survived by side lining farmers and not caring their plight. If Modi and the respective state governments wont act fast, there is every chance of escalating violence to other states as the opposition parties are joining hands with the aggrieved farmers across the country and even Bharath Bandh has been proposed next week. So PM Modi must take stock of the situation by announcing instant relief so that farmers get satisfied.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Farmers are always at the receiving end. Farmers take all the troubles in farming and get a good product. But when it comes to selling the middle man will get it for a very low rate and sell it for a high rate. Here what is happening is the real sufferer will not get the advantage. The real consumer will also get no advantage. But the middle man is making a lot of money.

    In India many places farmers are dying for lack of food and clothes. They take loans at a very high rate of interest and they money they are getting in the cultivation is not even sufficient for paying the interest. In addition to that natural calamities spoil the crop. So presently they are the worst suffers. Even a agricultural laborer is more happy than the farmer.

    Actually if all the farmers decide not to cultivate, the whole nation has to go without food. So government should think seriously and take some actions so that a farmer will be happy always. The demands of farmers which are genuine should be addressed positively so that they will also become amicable.

    You are talking about milk, even we may feel the shortage of vegetables and food also.
    The Then Prime Minister, Lal Bhadur Sastry coined the phrase : Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan" . This is very apt for this country. The present Mody Government has to recognize this.

    always confident

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    I wish government should take this problem seriously and give solution to the farmers problems quickely. Farmers work hard for us and give food for us, but those farmers wil always face problems.

    They sell their goods for less prices and the persons who buy them will sell for high prices. But gain was not getting for farmers. They were not able to clear their loans and commiting scucides.

    I wish government will solve farmers problems quickly and takes the steps for the gain of farmers.


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    The problem of farmers is mainly the low price they are getting for their produce whether it is foodgrain or fruits or vegetable or dairy products.

    Presently Govt is not able to handle this because the route of agricultural products from farmer to the actual consumer is full of traders, middle men and wholesale markets and every one is trying to maximise their profits and in this complex process the farmer is the sufferer. The consumer is also unhappy as he is getting things after so many hands becoming costly.

    Govt has a challenge to mitigate this complicated issue. One solution which appears to solve this is by making farmers cooperatives and helping them to deliver the things directly to the customer bypassing the existing mechanism. This will be a winning situation for both the farmer and the customer.

    How to achieve this radical approach is a question of logistics and tough Govt stand. The people who are the middle men and making profit will be against this arrangement.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The state governments must remove the middle man from the agriculture market committee yards who are responsible for the farmers plight. They are not allowing the farmers to sell their produce at good price. The farmer is being way laid and the produce is virtually hijacked for low price citing reasons of dump by other farmers and thus the ryots believe them and loose their support price. Instead the farmers must be allowed to sell the products directly to the whole sellers and that would fetch them decent price. And most of the middle man are attached to the ruling parties.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Demonstration in a peaceful manner is acceptable but resorting to violence, putting the things and vehicles on fire, draining the milk on the road and throwing the fruits and vegetables on the road and damaging public and private property is a crime. The defaulters should be dealt seriously.
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    Now in social media the photos of the so called farmers who were killed by police firing in Maharastra are not farmers at all but sponsored by a political party to rage the issue. The government is having enough proof to take action against the erring political party which talks itself to be the champion of farmers. One should not make issue in the name of farmers. When state government is ready to discuss and do needful , then why the farmers should involve in agitation and damaging the public property. So this is the clear case damaging the reputation of state government for political need.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The protest was inevitable in some or the other way as farmers have to suffer a lot in the past years. They give their blood to the land and they get in return is something that they could buy only a handful of food items with for themselves. We are highly agrarian nation who are fed by these farmer on the regular basis and when their demands are not met then their helplessness could soon dwell into insurmountable anger which cant't be suppressed by just rhetorical promises made to them. There was a time when serious attention to their plight was supposed to be rendered but negligence has done harm to their patience and hence they are on the verge of protesting the way they think is the best and in this condition there are always some vultures who try to get mix up with the crowd and try to manipulate them to resort to violence. But now we can only condemn such acts though we knew the possibility of it.

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