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    Instead of telling " I am running late ", why not say " I am crawling late " ?

    When we are going late to the office and some one questions us we tell them that we are running late to the office. Like wise when a train is late and we inquire the same at the station master he would say the train is running late. When we are late means we have not respected the time so we are actually crawling and not running. Therefore the correct phrase would be I am crawling late.. Like wise the station master should tell us the train is crawling late. What is your view on this. Members can respond with humor too.
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    Running is with two(two legs), whereas crawling is with four (2 legs and 2 hands). A person going to the office or somewhere has to move on both legs. Similarly, a train moves with its too many wheels on the rails. So, the term crawling will not suit. Moreover, crawling itself is a slow action. Hence adding late with crawl is not necessary. We may say that the train is 'just crawling', but not 'crawling late'

    We can say 'We are getting late to the office' not 'we are running late to the office'. We could say that' We are running out of time/We are running short of time/The time is running out''.

    Never use 'we are crawling late' or' the train is crawling late'

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    Here is a point. When you say I am crawling late to office, your boss will say why can't you run ? . He thinks intentionally you are delaying. If you say you are crawling, it is an indication that you are not putting your full energy and efforts. You have to convey that you are on your best even then you are late. So that boss will appreciate your efforts.

    The same is the case with trains also. If somebody says you that the train is crawling late, you will immediately tell him that you please ask the driver to run the train but not crawl. So always everybody should say that even after trying our best the result is not in our favor.

    Even somebody might not have started from his house, When others call him and ask where are you, what is the answer you Know. I am half the way. The heavy traffic in this area is creating problem . I will try to come at the earliest. This is the general answer to express force majuere clause. No body can deny.

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    Mr Mohan, what about 'running nose'? Funny? The word running is used in different contexts and it does not carry the same meaning as physical running does in all contexts. Whether it is humor based or otherwise, let us try to maintain a basic standard in this forum. I am only locking this thread now since two responses have already come in.
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