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    Servicing of a two wheeler vehicle.

    I own a Honda activa two wheeler vehicle and want to do its servicing at home, so what things must I consider to accomplish this task?

    Does servicing can be done in a private garage instead of showroom?
    What's are the pros or cons associated with it?
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    When you are getting free service for the new vehicle at the show room it is not advisable to service the scooter at home because we may not have the required spare parts handy. Moreover one must be allowed to do their work. We cannot become a cobbler to repair our shoes or chappal. Like wise we cannot become a tailor for a while to stitch our own dress. Once in a while one may stitch clothes but not like a professional does. So what I mean to say here that when we do not know , we should not attempt to do on own. Therefore better give the two wheeler vehicle at the showroom for servicing.
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    Even you are a good mechanic you should not try doing service of your vehicle when free service facility is available for new vehicle. If you give to company service center any manufacturing defects noticed will be rectified by them. In stead of that if you try on your own they may say it is not manufacturing defect. You tried to handle it and you spoiled it. You have to spend some money for replacing that. So till the warranty period is over try getting it done in company service center. It is always advisable. Once the guarantee is over, you can try anywhere. But My sincere advise is please post the question in ask experts section, so that experts may give you some tips.
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    For a new honda activa, company will give free service untill a guarantee period is over. I advise you to get it serviced at showroom untill your guarantee period is over and then you can get it serviced at any private garage you know.

    But don't repair it your self. You can't service it without knowing any thing about it, even if you have all the things needed for it.


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    Have any of the members who have responded above read the post? Nowhere does the post say it is a new scooter and eligible for free service. I think it is obvious that the member has a scooter which is not eligible for free service.

    The things that I can think of are -

    1. Check spark plug - clean it
    2. Change engine oil
    3. Check gearbox
    4. Check brakes
    5. Check carburetor
    6. Change engine oil filter
    7. Interchange wheels

    It is not an easy job, so don't attempt it if you do not what to do. It is best to give the vehicle to an authorised service centre.

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    Yes actually it's not a new scooter and to be more precise it is 7 years old. Just for that reason I wanted to know the servicing procedure.

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    When you pose question it must be specific. If your scooter is 7 years old, then it is not eligible for free service. Still it is advisable to give the vehicle at the company workshop so that all spares are available and repairs attended too.
    K Mohan
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    If you wanted to know the servicing procedure, give the vehicle for servicing in a private servicing center, sit down for 2 hours see how the mechanic does servicing. Doing at home you require complete tool kit which you may not have with you. You can open the things but reassembling is not easy with out experience. Thus is not advisable to do service yourself.It cost Rs 400 + spare if any + engine oil if required change.
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    I do not agree with #600340. The question was very specific. It asked on the procedures of servicing a vehicle. Whether it is 7 years old or 15 years old - the question would still be the same. You and the other members deduced that the scooter was new and now you pounce on the poor author. I am sorry, there was a failure on your part, you failed to read through/understand the question.
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    If you take your seven years old vehicle to the showroom, you will have to pay through your nose. So, I advise you take the vehicle to a private garage where expert mechanics are available. Following few things should be ensured by you daily.
    1. Ensure both wheel Air pressure.
    2. Ensure the Engine oil availability.
    3. Ensure the quick start with the self-starter & kick starter
    4. Ensure your brake system is perfect.

    For any other defects, take your vehicle to the local known workshop.

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    I think K Mohan is right. How is one to know whether the vehicle is old or new if not specified? We can well think that it was bought recently, perhaps a few days ago or a week ago & the owner started having trouble with it, due to which servicing is required. It was a failure on the author's part & not that of members. They would obviously answer it the way they understood it.
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    I beg to differ.

    1. A new vehicle comes with 'Free Service vouchers'. Sometimes three, sometimes five, and sometimes for a whole year. K. Mohan must know this since he has in the past announced buying a new two-wheeler.
    2. Why would someone who is eligible for free service, choose to service his vehicle on his own?
    3. When a new machine begins giving trouble the first thing any sane person would do is to contact the dealer - and complain or take it to the authorised service centre. No one takes it upon themselves to service a new vehicle that is still under 'free service'. In fact, dealers offer free pick-up and drop, of vehicles. They call and remind you. They also carry out repairs within the 'free service' period, free of cost - as the vehicle is considered to be under guarantee.

    Coming to your question - How is one to know whether the vehicle is old or new if not specified?

    One doesn't need to know the age of the vehicle, nor does it need to be specified. The question was plain and simple, asking for directions to service the vehicle. That needed to be answered. Where does the old/new debate come into the picture? Let me ask you, how do you think Mohan derived the conclusion that the vehicle was new when it wasn't mentioned in the text?

    Your argument or logic is not valid here. It is wrong to shove the blame on the author. Understanding - well, if you read the question, it is quite clear. I understood what the author wanted.

    "They would obviously answer it the way they understood it." - Please recall your words every time you ask members to not post pointless comments. Allow everyone to post according to their understanding.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    "Allow everyone to post according to their understanding." - Exactly! In this thread, the members who initially responded did just that, as did you based on your understanding. Also, with reference to "Where does the old/new debate come into the picture?" - note that in #600324 it is you who started the debate of new/old by mentioning that it was not mentioned as new & implying that the members had not read the text of the thread. So, naturally, others will react accordingly.

    Also, how are we to know whether or not he availed of an initial free service if at all & did not have any more such offers? Maybe he wanted to attempt the servicing himself and hence posed the query. There can be a whole lot of ifs and buts when there is no clarity.

    "Please recall your words every time you ask members to not post pointless comments." - When comments are indeed pointless, of course they should be called so. In this thread, it is not the case. We have to see the context on a case to case basis to determine which comments are pointless and which are not.

    Please let's not go any further into the clarity part and have a further digression on what you meant and what I meant. Let other members give their advice and keep the thread on track.

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    Before I answer the above post, my apologies to you, for getting you dragged into this debate, in a very unfavourable way. I still feel that you were not at fault, and your query was quite clear. Understanding levels of the members differ, but that doesn't put the onus on you, and make you the guilty party, even if the Managing Editor says so. You asked a very clear question. I feel bad that you are being held responsible for all this.

    "Allow everyone to post according to their understanding" - This is a message to you, to allow members to post because you feel they should be allowed to post according to their understanding. So, let's get this clear – I am quoting you, and putting you up to the challenge (as in act accordingly).

    Hitherto, responses were never based on the understanding of members. ISC has always stressed on understanding and posting. So, the responses by the other members were not in line with the policies of this forum. Have those policies changed in the recent past? I am not aware.

    The old and the new debate was started by you - I just stated a fact, based on the post. You raked it up by giving examples of when the scooter could have been bought etc. Are you propagating that members now begin deciphering what could be the history behind every post, and then answer, instead of responding to what is clearly mentioned?

    I did not imply anything I asked a very direct question. Did they read the question? However, according to your representation, it appears that they read it, but did not understand it. This to me seems a worse hypothesis, than my implied question!

    I can see that you are arguing for the sake of arguing – "Also, how are we to know whether or not he availed of an initial free service if at all & did not have any more such offers?" Do you want members to get into the whole depth of the guy's scooter history or do you want members to answer his simple question? How does it matter whether he availed an initial service or why he wants to attempt it on its own? Is that even important? He just wants to know how to service his scooter.

    Yes, a lot of ifs and buts on my end too, but focused towards your stance here – not the scooter.

    You quote me in your penultimate para. However, let me once again quote what you said: "They would obviously answer it the way they understood it." You brought in this aspect of members answering according to their understanding. Where does this give scope to determine whether comments are indeed pointless? You cannot have two set of rules. Follow one rule - if you want to stick to how people answer, based on their understanding abilities, then stick to it.

    Lastly, the bone of contention appears to be that I questioned a member's response. Perhaps that didn't go down too well with your authority. You should have stated this right in the beginning, instead of digressing into a puerile debate about when the scooter was bought….

    The digression could have been avoided had you allowed it to, we preach something and do the opposite.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I am just amused at the manner in which you quibble & twist words. Even more amused at the "challenge". Really now!

    I honestly don't wish to take this further & the thread off track. If Abhishek has had his query resolved, then we can simply lock this thread.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    You may call it quibble, you may call it twisting of words and you may find it amusing. Words were definitely twisted, but let me assure you it wasn't I who did it. I stated facts. I didn't go into the hypothesis of what could have been.

    'Challenge' - well you set the stage for it!

    Yes, I too do not want to continue with this, but I must reiterate that the author was unnecessarily accused of a failure.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I just asked
    1 - What are the things which I have to do in servicing my scooter and
    2 - Pros and cons of servicing in or outside the showroom.
    That's all and nothing else.

    And as I can see from above discussion that members are blaming me and challenging that I haven't cleared my question. This is totally wrong.
    As I have written clearly that I OWN a scooter and not BOUGHT a scooter which means I already have it so why so much confusion. Mr K Mohan thought that I have bought it recently and he wrote to go for the free servicing.
    I very well know that if I have free servicing in my hand then I will go for it, why I will pay when it's free?
    So please don't blame like this by saying I haven't cleared my question.

    On the other hand Juana had understood what I have asked and she replied very well. That's all I wanted. Thanks for #600324

    And yes I have got my answer and you can lock it to avoid further misunderstanding.

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    This thread was locked yesterday, and I found it open today. Why? What happened? Was it a mislock and right-open.?
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