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    Self confidence is the tool for success.

    In our life we will be facing many problems. We should not get disgusted with these problems. We should face them with confidence. Always self confidence will give you success. If you have no confidence you can't face the problem with all true spirits. If you don't have confidence,You will be fearing of failure. So always have self confidence. It will give you success.

    Having self confidence is good but it should not be over confidence. If you are over confident, you take issues lightly and you may fail. So don't go with over confidence.

    Please have self confidence, plan the things in advance and face the life. Life is a gift given by God. Enjoy it.
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    Yes sir, what you said is correct. Self confidence is a tool for success. In my opinion the persone who have self confidence can achieve any thing in life.

    The person who is not confident, will always be in fear that whether he is right or not, and he can not complete his work which leads to failure. Building up confidence is much more imporatant in ones life.

    At the same time one should not have over confidence. If we have over confidence we will not take things serious, so we do not take proper precautions which leads to failure.


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    To do anything the most important thing that we need is our mental strength. Mental strength gives the strength to understand the situation and overcome the problems in an organized manner and it ultimately brings success . This mental strength is also called self confidence.
    Self confidence comes from knowledge and honesty. If we know what we have to do and we do it with full dedication and commitment then definitely we will achieve our goal and become successful.
    Self confidence makes personally and professionally a better person.

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    Yes self confidence can enhance the performance of a average person to even the level of superior performers because his body language, his inner feeling and above all the gusto to achieve the top level would be always lingering in his mind and thus the performance would be to a greater level. This can be seen in most of the sales man doing direct marketing. So much involvement in their job would bring in lots of self confidence and they wont deter even if failure comes in the way. That is why those who are always a performer remain and sustain their position even in stiff competition.
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    I was quickly reminded of this thread dated 04th June by the same author. I request our responsible members to please wait for at least a few weeks if not months before raising another thread on the same topic.
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