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    Do you think that election of MPs and MLA/MLCs should be restricted to two continuous terms?

    The American Presidential system permits the incumbent President to continue in office for two terms i.e for a period of 8 years continuously which means he can contest the presidential election successfully for two continuous terms. In India, we have the history of our great leaders occupying the posts of Prime Minister, Chief Minister of a state for more than two continuous terms and some Parliament Members/MLAs winning the election for the 5th time or 6th time in a row. All this can be good for the betterment of the country as long as politics are considered as profession with utmost sincerity to serve the people.

    Now the scenario has changed. Getting elected to Parliament/ state Assembly by virtue of certain privileges, family track record and various other factors have become a routine in many a case in our political system. The first timer MP/MLA who would be a political novice becomes experienced and many of them are subjected to controversies during their next term. Thus there is a feel among the people that the tenure of an elected representative should be restricted to two continuous terms which would facilitate a change and provision of opportunity to new comers in politics. This would have a cascading affect on the top posts also as the occupation of PM, CM and posts like Ministers, Speakers etc would also be restricted to two terms in a row.

    What is your take on this?
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    Good thought, but how does one implement it. Are not these things decided by those in power? Who listens to the common man? It happens everywhere - rules and laws are made to suit only certain people. The rules and laws can be flouted with ease by those who are in control. They twist and turn the matter to suit their objectives.

    And this is something that happens everywhere. Not just in politics - it is the same scenario everywhere.

    We cannot follow the American system because we do not have that provision in our constitution. For any change to happen all affected members must be on the same plane. People will need to think alike and have the same progressive ideas. Which political party or person in power would agree to such an arrangement to be introduced in our constitution?

    It is not going to happen - it is just wishful thinking.

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    Oh my God this proposal cannot be accepted at all at the face value of it. When voters are fed up with one term of itself, how can we agree for two terms for the same person who were non performers, non promise keepers and above all there are every chance to indulge in more corruptions. By standing in every elections, the voters have the right to punish the erring representatives who wont mend the ways. Now the voters are more matured. They cannot be bowed down with liquor and money to buy the votes. They are intelligent enough to send only those to assembly and parliament who they seems to be fit.
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    It is a good proposal if it can be implemented. Earlier days there were people who were respecting politics as a profession and they have ethics and moral values. So nobody thought that imposing a restriction on terms in assembly or parliament is necessary. So that type of rules were not made.
    But now there is a see change in the people. Politics has become a business. Make hay while the sun shines. Once you have become MP or MLA , their look out is to think how to recover the money they have spent for getting elected. There are no ethics and any values. So corruption has become a order of the day. In such condition even giving a second term itself is very good. More than two can't be acceptable. But who will make this amendment.
    If anyone try to bring this also the ruling party MLAs and MPs themselves will not accept for this.
    But having a restriction will be very good and all citizens will welcome this.

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    This is a good idea to restrict the tenure for a maximum of two terms but the challenge is how to implement it in our country.
    This type of restriction will bring new people in the foray and who knows they may deliver better.
    Frankly speaking there should be some basic criterion these people should meet because they are going to run a big country and fate of millions of people is in their hands.
    Restriction of terms, some basic qualifications, some test of logical and general knowledge, declaration of property and it's verification etc are the criterion on which they should qualify. I may be asking too much but a time will come when electorate will ask these things from a political contestant.

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