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    A serious matter than simple question

    When we talk about our country India, we have hundreds of god's, major and minor god's and male and female god's. Whereas, on the complete contrary, I am not talking about Religion, or Caste system. I am talking about the restriction and limitation put on us by ourself. On the top of this, we have many this and that rules and regulations which we need to abide in order to be a good responsible citizen.

    Leaving aside the above topic, we will discuss about certain points which are tabulated below.

    1. Why we are limited to transfer funds to international banks like PayPal, IQ Option Binary trading etc... ?

    On the contrary, we can withdraw funds from those sites but we can't transfer. Our LAW or whatever you call is putting a limitation.

    Do our Government consider those activities or actions Illegal?

    2. Why we can't add even a debit card in iOS store, Netteller, Play Store etc? (Especially in the US based company's sites).

    I submitted a support ticket to those support teams and they responded to me with an ERROR code 123380 (Whatever)... stating that 'Your Bank has declined the Transaction, please contact your bank'. Jesus Christ, I had have activated those cards for international payment usage or channel.

    Can someone put a glint on this topic. I felt a lot of anger today. Having tried 100s of times trying to transfer funds to those sites and after having sufficient funds, the transaction get rejected.

    If our India Government are imagining that allowing such transaction are more likely for Black Money or KALA PAISA or whatever... they should put a limitation for the maximum transaction per day, week, month or year. Putting a complete LIMITED seal reflects our Government stupidity.

    My second thought is that our Politicians must also be well educated not the one you see in movies: KUNDAS and Illiterate. They should able to understand citizens problem instead of raising only Schemes.

    Thirdly, they must be computer and internet literate. They should be quite conversant with the usage of technology and internet. If not, what's the worth of introducing Digital transaction.

    Nothing is better than useless something.
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    Having experienced with the fact and figure of outside funding for terror outfits, our banking system and even private transfers to any account are strictly monitored and it cannot be done that easily. Many of the NGO's accounts are under scanner as to from where are they getting money and why are they getting money. Yours may be genuine reason. But we are in the system which doubts the credentials of even good citizen. So we have to swim along the tide and abide by the rules laid down for transferring any funds through proper means. There must be genuine ways to do so. Let other members also respond.
    K Mohan
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    When we are surrounded by all evil forces, we are all also treated bad . Even though we are drinking milk under a tadi tree , they say we are drinking tadi only. We are in such a society .Lot of money is going out for various unacceptable actions through these sites. That is why government is very careful in accepting these transactions. Because of the various evil forces genuine people are also suffering.
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    Yours is a genuine remittance but unfortunately was blocked because of Govt directions to banks for black money, terrorism and issues like that.
    Regarding minimum education for political leaders, it is a long pending issue and they theirselves have to bring this legislation.
    Actually some limited amount per user per day or per month should be allowed for these secured digital payments otherwise we will be left behind in the race for digitisation.
    While making rules and regulation not only sense but also common sense is required which may be missing in these rule framing persons.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with you Umesh Ji.

    For urgent and genuine transaction limit of $100 per day should be allowed.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I am not surprised at the feeling of anguish by the thread author. Each one of us would have felt some kind of similar or other anguish and helplessness or doubts one time or other. But once our horizon becomes wide and we come to experience more real life, we ourselves will understand and appreciate things better.

    Many restrictions and thresholds have been placed mainly to safeguard the naive, innocent and inexperienced.

    All what we have today are not the sudden miracle drop down on a single day. They are results of prolonged work, research, feedback and improvements. India of 2017 is far different and developed than that of 1947. Those who have witnessed both periods know it exactly. The credibility and trust other countries have now on us, is not a sudden happening of one day. Our leaders and citizen of the intervening periods have toiled and sacrificed and brought the nation to this level.

    Today's youngsters, instead of complaining should understand the whole country and its people and do their best to move the country still forward.
    Please understand that there was a time jut a few decades ago, when for talking to a person 100 miles away on phone we had to book a 'trunk call' and wait probably for half a day. There was only one brand of scooter and to get that one has to book and wait for months together. There were no e mails, but what we call now as snail mail. But still we were all living with that.

    Our scientists and technicians and engineers worked with whatever meagre equipment they had and researched and invented many things. They invented by trial and error research many new things, for which there was no one to seek help from. For many years other nations thought of us as snake charmers and bullock cart users. But our scientists, engineers ,technicians and farmers, by their hard work, made us self sufficient in many things and we became the first nation among a very few to send a MARS Mission at the lowest cost and accomplished the task at the very first time. Mind you, no one shares such kind of confidential knowledge fully. We have worked on our own.

    As a senior citizen of this country, who has seen the pre TV era, pre-computer era, pre-mobile era, pre demat accounts era, pre photocopy era etc.etc, and living in the present era I suggest youngsters (who are born in the post era of all the above) to be more understanding, appreciating about progress of our country.

    Please make it your mission that you will make the country at least slightly better than what and how you got it.
    Learn history, do something and create a new history useful to new generations.

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