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    What should a Smartphone be able to do?

    Well, we all have heard the childish and some impossible opinions of those small children in the advertisement of Airtel about what a smartphone should be able to do or will be doing in the future. But what in your opinion should a smartphone do? What should a smartphone be capable of when speaking practically? Please share your sensible views which will be practically possible in reality. It can be anything, your innovation, invention or a discovery but should be capable enough so that it can be implemented in reality. Technically speaking, its application part should work out in reality.
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    Well in this era of smart phone the expectations of the users is always high on its varied used and features and some of us are talented enough to think out of box imagination to which we think that smart phones must work and be benefited. In this regard what I want that right from the day one of our smart phone purchase, it should become our third eye. That means every movement and activity of us must be recorded and retrieved irrespective we sought for it. And when ever we want to live and enjoy the past moments we should able to revive the happenings . That means the phone must act as the memory retriever of life for ever. In that case the law enforcing agencies can also use the memory of the smart phone to reveal the secret behind the actions being done by wrong doers too.
    K Mohan
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    Already smartphones are doing many works for us. In the initial stages of mobile phones Reliance industries used to advertise saying that if you a have reliance phone in your hand the whole world should be in your hand. All of us are accustomed to use smartphones. We do bank transactions with smart phones. We do internet browsing in smart phone. We book tickets through our smart phones. We chat with all our friends and relatives through various apps using these smartphones. We can do all our office work also with our smartphone. What more we want. All ready google maps are recording our moments. So A smartphone is a personal aid for everybody.
    What other developments will come in this technology one can't predict.
    Mr.Mohan is talking about online video recording I think. All ready this facility is also there in the smartphone also. With so many apps we are able to do many activities through these phones. Nothing more is coming to my mind. If there is a facility to watch the moments and other activities of competitor through our smartphone, it will help us in our professional life.

    always confident

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    Our expectations can be never ending. We would be happy if our smartphone does all that we wish. That is why the features and facilities in a smartphone are increasing day by day.
    But I am one who do not use even all those facilities already available in the smartphone.
    But my son is using his phone for much more things than me. I have seen him using google voice search for surfing, fixing alarm and getting answer to his doubts. I have seen him using pedometer by smartphone,not to mention the music and video. He also uses it for chatting with his friends, email, Facebook and many more things. He has kept everything in cloud storage. He keeps his accounts of spending, reminders and events also in his smartphone. He uses his phone for knowing the way.There may be many more things he may be using his smartphone for.

    When he was in college he used to photograph the notices in notice board by his smartphone and would not take the effort of reading and copying them down. Whenever he sees me doing something manually, he smiles in a peculiar style and tells me to do the same with my phone. But I have not much yielded to him. But once in a while I listen to his suggestion and take his help on some matters.

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