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    How to retrieve telephone recharge wrongly credited to a dormant account ?

    Yesterday one funny and yet interesting thing happened which needs to be reported here for alertness of our esteemed members. I went to recharge my cell phone having Reliance connection. I made a recharge of 100 rupees and told the number. But the shop owner recharged another number without verifying with me. So my number was not recharged. I sought and fought for my recharge. He obliged and done the needful. But the shop owner lost the first recharge of 100. On complaint by the shop owner the Reliance said that it has credited 100 rupees to a dormant account which was to steps below of my number. That means instead of crediting for 54 as the last number the shop owner credited for 52 which is a dormant number. Reliance wont help and the owner lost the amount. How to retrieve this amount for the shop owner ?
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    If the shopkeeper has typed correct number he can show it to Reliance and ask for a refund. If convinced they may give the refund. If it is shopkeeper's mistake nothing can be done.
    The response of phone companies is generally not positive in such cases. They usually accuse computer networks and system bugs for these errors and try to shirk off the responsibility to avoid refunds etc.

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    Yes the shop keeper typed wrong but immediately lodged complaint to rectify. But the officer denied any help as the amount went to dormant account. How cam dormant account take the credit ?
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    It is a way of income for mobile operators. Many times this type of mistakes will happen to many people. It will be an additional income. They will never give it back. It happened two times in my family. The shop keeper last the money. Once the money is correctly credited to my mother's account. But immediately the balance has become zero. When we enquires they say they can not do any thing. During recharge the date was typed wrongly, he says. We can't do anything we lost the amount.
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