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    If a political party fails to fulfil manifesto should be banned for next election?

    I belong to Madhya Pradesh and farmer's strike in M.P. has taken a worsen shape. 6 farmers has died by police firing. properties has been destroyed during last 6 days. Govt has stopped internet service in some areas. So, a lot has happened within last 5 to 6 days in M.P.
    What is the main reason of this situation? I think political parties at the time of election make promise of such thing which can not be fulfilled in future. But to win the election, political parties make such type of promises in their manifestos. so they should prepare their manifesto which should be fulfilled in future.
    Do you agree if a party fails to fulfill manifesto should be banned to participate in the next election by election commission. Will it solve some problems created by such manifesto which can not be fulfilled?
    Please share your opinion in this thread.
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    Every political party including BJP giving promises to all sections of the people before the elections which cannot be fulfilled at any cost. After the elections simply the party's who gave unimaginable promises are keeping quite which irritate different sections of the society. So political parties are deceiving everybody in the society for their easy win which is not accepted by present generation people. For example, BJP party and Mr. Modi in the Parliament and election meetings of A.P. have promised special Status for the newly bifurcated A.P. for 10 years. The bifurcation occurred against the will of A.P. people. To appease the agonized people of A.P. both BJP and TDP parties gave this promise in their election campaigns. After their win along with TDP party, the BJP party simply ignored and rejected Special Status for A.P. which made the people of A.P. got very much humiliated. One more mistakes the ruling parties are doing is giving special packages to the States which are going for elections in large sums which simply a way of buying votes to continue their rule for ever. So the Election Commission must curb the announcement of packages one year before the elections and announcement of money related packages and subsidies during election campaigns very strictly. Candidates who go for such announcements in election campaigns should be banned from contesting elections.

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    Good suggestion from the author.. The election commission while accepting the applications of the final candidates of the respective parties should also insist for a affidavit with a swearing in that they would abide by the manifesto released by the party and that would be fulfilled before the next election. And when the next election terms are announced, the EC must appoint special committee to see whether the promises made and honored. That way the EC must monitor each party and their extent of promises fulfilled and if not they should not allow the party itself to contest the elections. However the candidate can be given free choice to stand as independent.
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    Who would bell the cat? Until T N Seshan took over as CEC, none of the bureaucrats and politicians knew that the Election Commission has enormous powers vested with it. Thanks to our political parties, all of them joined together to make it a three member commission so that monopoly of decisions won't take place. Thus downsizing the powers made EC to bring it to pre-Seshan period of existence. However, EC is maintaining its identity to some extant and should ensure that the ruling part fulfils its election promises. But practically not feasible. It is ultimately the voters who are the judges to decide the fate of such political parties.

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    Actually manifesto of a political party is their perceived plan which they intend to execute in case they come to power.
    After coming to power when they start working they find lot of problems and resistance from various quarters and they have to change or redesign their plans and many plans have to be even dropped.
    This is a general scenario that happens with many parties. Now if we debar a party from elections in case they do not complete their promises, some of them will not announce a boastful manifesto and restrict to the minimum they foresee to achieve.
    We have to see the implementation part of this measure as some of the parties will start a new party with new name but having same old folks.

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    This is a good proposal. But which party will accept this. If they accept, in the country no party including BJP no party will get qualified for contesting. Before the election they make many promises to voters. After winning the election they forget the promises for their convenience. KCR promised to make a ST as CM. But after election he has become CM. Like this many will come. Who will try to dig their own grave. Only voters has to decide wisely.
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