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    My favorite month is June.

    June is a month of extreme heat and sun strokes.But from my childhood I like this month.This is a month when there are holidays for school going children in north India.Families go on trip.I used to go my native place in this month.I like the fruits which are available in this months.Mangoes,lichees and water-melon are available in this month.These are filled with juices.When we eat ,we get full satisfaction.Which is your favorite month?Why you like your favorite month?
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    O, Indu Ji! I too like and love this lovely month June. Because June is my birth month. 18th is the day which gives 9 if added together, Number Nine is a lucky number of Mine. I had been living in Mumbai(Bombay) for many years. During the month of June, I used to enjoy the monsoon season. Therefore, June is a cool month for Sun.
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    Mr. Sun: Very few people would be interested to listen to your 'personal Ramayana' and your inaccurate knowledge of numerology. Why don't you state in clear terms the reasons for declaring June your favourite month? Discuss the characteristics of your favourite month instead of discussing inaccurate and ridiculous numerology.
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    You have started an interesting thread which may evoke varied responses from the members.
    For me, October is the month of enjoyment when the scorching sun as well as torrential rains are gone and winter is trying to knock in slowly and slowly.
    I have a particular liking for this month as many of us celebrating Deewali (Deepawali) festival get their houses and surroundings clean and the every thing looks new.

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    Did you wait for an opportunity to flush out the past. I did not create a thread. It is my response to this thread to give an elaborated response with the date and its importance that falls in the month of June. Nine of mine rhymes well with the June of mine which is very fine for the sun to shine.

    @ You may skip my response and read others' response, if you feel it as Sun's Ramayana of June.

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    Mr. Sun: Irrelevant response always creates a problem. Just imagine what would happen if you play violine in a discordant note in a very rythmic orchestra. Your irrelevant response is just like that in this thread.
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    I think March is my favorite month, because in south, it's the time when summer holidays usually start.
    And it's the time of spring ( more or less). The climate's good, vacation time, mangoes are just starting to grow,etc..;
    It's also the time of Ugadi, the Indian new year. So, it's a festive and beautiful month.

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    December is my favourite month. When I was young, the school year used to end by the first week of December, followed by a long winter vacation. It is also Christmas season and a very festive time of the year. I love the smells and the sights and the sounds that the season brings. The beautiful, ornate decorations that are brought down from the loft. The cooking and the baking and the frying and the roasting. The Christmas carols, some of which give me goosebumps. I just love the whole atmosphere.

    It is also a season where a lot of house hopping takes place - visiting relatives, eating goodies, giving and receiving gifts. Buying presents. It is also my husband's birth month. So, it is overall a beautiful time of the year.

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    I feel all the months are good and each one has its own relevance. January is very good because the new year starts with this month and for Hindus the festival of harvest is celebrated with great involvement. February is the short month and every one loves to have salary fast. March is the month of examinations and every one would be busy. April is the month of vacation start. May is the month of total enjoyment as every one would be in their respective villages or town. June is the opening of school month. July is the month of rain and water. August is the month of festivities. September is the month of onset of prelude winter. October is the month of festival and enjoyment. November is the month of start of winter. December is the month of closing year.
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    K Mohan sir, I like the way you explained the each month of the year. I too like all months of the year. Their is no specific month that I like more.

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