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    Does every abuse induce us to achieve success with greater grit ?

    I was reading the success story of a famous hero in Tamil Cinema and he revealed a stunning observation which virtually floored me. Normally we say that behind every success there would be a woman to induce us. What he said behind every success there was lots of criticism and abuse and that made him more determined and garnered great courage and grit to achieve further success. I think he made a greater point. What is your view on this ? Some of us take others abuse very seriously and work for greater success. Is it not so ?
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    It is true. If somebody abuses us we will try always to prove that his thinking is wrong. If somebody tells us that we can't do that work, we try to do that work and prove the other person wrong. It will help us in improving our knowledge and abilities. We will make all out efforts to win the situation. It is good for us. We have to take the criticism positively and see whether there is any point in others statement and if it is correct how to come out of that.

    But many people look at at in a different angle. They think that the other person is unnecessarily abusing us for no fault of us. It may be true also in some cases. So before coming to that decision one has to introspect himself and understand the reality and act accordingly. If we follow this process we will be successful in our life.

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    Yes I agree that if someone abuse us we will achieve success with greater grit. If someone says that we can't do some thing and criticize us, we will work with more grit and will do more hard work and achieve success.

    But this will not be in all cases, some people with less self confidence will take abuses very seriously and they will go into the dilemma that whether they can do or they can't do. And they start thinking that they can't do that work and will leave that work.

    So the person who have a self confidence can take the abuses, critics in a positive way and will work hard to get the work done, to prove themselves. So all of us have to develop self confidence so that no critics can do us any thing.


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    I think each one of us has a different reason for giving our best. What may push you to do better, might not work for me. It depends on individuals - what we get inspired by, what motivates us, what makes us want to achieve greater heights, is different for everyone. If rebuke worked, we would all be successes.

    I think the will to do something comes from within us. We want to do it so badly that we keep trying till we succeed. The actor in your example wanted to succeed. He was not getting the recognition that he desired, so he basically worked to get that. I do not think that people's comments would have been his motivation. He wanted to succeed for himself, not to prove people wrong. We, after all, live for ourselves, not for others.

    As long as we have the spark in us, we can outshine anyone and anything. It must come from within.

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    I too agree with the view offered by Ms.Juana. The adverse criticism, the abuses etc., may be accelerating the inner feeling to succeed, thus they influence the individual in the back up of mind. But they won't work always in our attempt to succeed though many of the successful people hint those things as one of the reason for their success. Determination, planning, execution and luck are the prime factors that make you the winner always.

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    When people abuse or humiliate us for some time we really feel very bad but soon after when we ponder over the incidence we start introspection and finally stand up with courage and determination to fight back with more zeal and strength.

    These phases of life create new sparks of determination in our life only to prove that what we were and how much wrong the perception of these misbehaving people was about us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I was very sensitive about getting rebuke,warning etc. So I took more pains and tried to do what is expected of me. Sometimes it meant that I had to forego many of the common pleasures others indulged in. But I would rather sacrifice and forego those pleasures but ensure that I did not get any adverse remarks. My academic life and my career all went happily without getting any adverse comments, negative remarks etc. I know that I had taken extra pains and put in extra labour in that. Probably many would have felt that I was a fool and naive. But I was very keen not to be sighted and commented for wanting in my performance. I do not claim that I was extra ordinary in achieving , but I can confidently say that I was never below the normal or average .

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