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    An intelligent boy has chosen the path of sainthood.

    Being a monk and saint is not a story of yesterday.An intelligent boy ,who is a topper has also choose this path.After being a Jain Saint he will establish a new role of sainthood.He will use his brain in solving the untold stories.The new generation is too ahead in every walk of life.They are performing well in exams and establishing themselves.They are using time in a good way.What is your opinion about the new generation?
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    It is really stunning to read that an intelligent boy would choosing the path of sainthood and that seems to be interesting. One becomes a saint after going through all the ordeals of life and enjoyment. Here the boy chosen to right away embrace the sainthood. Much can be inferred on this decision. A childhood mind would be wavering and it cannot be fixed to take a strong decision. A child is vulnerable to get hold to some one who can strongly influence. Nevertheless the present day children are one step ahead of us and they know the actions and after effects of their decisions.
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    I too read the news report. The boy's father and grandfather too became Jain monks. An interesting bit that I read was that the family does not own a fridge or a television and used electricity sparingly because they believe that fish are harmed during the electricity production process. They only used light bulbs at night for the children to study.

    Also Indu, I was wondering if the boy has become a saint or a monk. Sainthood should come much later if it ever does. Do not you think so? As of now, he has chosen to be a Jain monk and will be like all the other Jain monks.

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    These days boys are very intelligent. They are very active and they are quite decisive. They are proactive and decided on the issues very fast. They never hesitate to take decisions. In Kanchi kamakoti Peetham , Kanchipuram, the successor will be selected by the present Guru of that Peetham. The present junior Guru was decided by Sri Chandra Sekhara Saraswathi Swamy Garu. A boy of 8 years was selected and brought to the Pitham and trained.

    Here it is the boy himself has taken the decision which is astonishing. An intelligent boy decided to become a saint for establishing a new role of sainthood. Very nice.

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    I have also read this specific report. In India, we need some brilliant students join various religious orders for real welfare of the society. Only a few months back, I heard that a brilliant student of Mathematics joined Ramkrishna Mission and became a Saint. He received a very prestigious award for research in Higher Mathematics. He is known as Gagan Maharaj.
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    In fact spiritual leaders should be intelligent and hardworking. Then only they can learn the scriptures and other spiritual texts and understand them and apply that wisdom to help and lead people in their spiritual pursuits and help in normal life too.
    The system of dedicating someone from family for the spiritual service was and still is in many religious faiths. It is only in these days that people hesitate to take a life of austerity. In the early days it was a pride and satisfaction to have at least one from family t take a life of service and austerity.
    Even now some people have the feeling and urge to live simple and a life of austerity, without any compulsion from outside. I feel that nowadays it is very difficult to swim against the current and live simple follow austere ways. That is why the news of the 'intelligent' boy becoming a monk amuses us.

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