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    Do they really ask teasers (tricky questions) in interviews like IAS etc still?

    Even from my school days I was amused and awed to hear elders asking some tricky questions or teasers entertaining and engaging we children, in family gatherings or social gatherings. Then when we fail to answer they would give the answer after lot of pleadings and say that the question was asked in the IAS interview. Sometimes with great pride they gave credit to the correct answer to a local hero who would have been the first or only IAS selected person from that locality.

    Even now we get such questions and answers in Whatsapp etc claiming to be answered by IAS toppers.
    Frankly I did not have an occasion to hear any IAS topper claiming such things-neither in TV events nor in person. My doubt is, were they really asked in such interviews and are they still asking such questions? Do you have any firsthand experience or second hand information in this regard?
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    I don't think that this kind of questions will be asked in IAS interviews.
    As you said we also heard many times tricky questions from our elders and they were telling those questions were asked in IAS interview and by answering those questions candidates got selected. But those question are not worth to be asked in IAS interview. Nobody who attended IAS interviews told me these questions. I have no first hand information positively on this.

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    I have been told by my grand father that one tricky question was asked in one interview.
    A candidate was asked initially formal questions and finally he was asked how many stairs you climbed while coming to this hall. Such questions are asked to make the candidate alert in all respects.
    I read in one book. A boy was searching jobs after his graduation. As he was in the house, his father used to ask him to not to keep books on the rack as rubbish, closing the water tap when the water is unnecessarily flowing, asked to switch off the fans and lights in the places where there was no persons etc., Annoyed this person keenly search for a job and decided himself to join in any job available. He went to one interview. He got into the company and found the security was not sitting in the place allotted to him and he asked him to sit there, switched off the fans and lights in the place where there was no persons found, asked the receptionist to keep the records in order on her table. Then he entered into the hall of interview. As he was last candidate,he sat patiently. Lastly he entered into the room of interview without any hope of getting job in that company. The panel asked him to sit and seen all his certificates. With smile the middle person told,'sir, actually the candidate has been filled for the job called for. But on seeing your activities after you enter into the office premises, we have decided to offer Administrative Officer post to you in our company. Please wait and collect your appointment order'. Immediately the candidate think about his father and thank him by heart.
    (here we should note that the candidates should bear in the mind that not only mere questions on subject decides the selection)
    some other tricky questions:
    1. In which side the handle is located in a coffee cup? (The real answer is outside)
    2.A candidate was offered coffee in the interview table and asked,'What is before you?'
    The candidate replied as coffee, or coffee cup. But the correct answer is 'T'.

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    IAS is the professional study and there cannot be teasers or playing with the candidate for time pass. One needs to prepare for the whole year to appear for the exam and the questions are mostly based on Constitutional aspects , the obligations, the actions and also questions on general aptitude, maths and even general knowledge of current affair. What I feel that if one is following the issues happening around us and have the definite knowledge of them, cracking at IAS may not be that challenging. This is what told by the IAS toppers in interviews to the media. By the way it all depends on how you prepare for the exam.
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    One of my cousin brother who is an IAS ,He used to come to his native village with his father.The father was Judge and he visited the village to meet the people there.There was harvesting season ,the wheat crops were harvested.Knowing that this boy is preparing for IAS ,one of the laborer asked ,what is the name of this crop?The boy replied Paddy crop.Then she said,you are going to be a DM and you do not know about soils and plants!First you know about soils ,plants and people of our country.My brother ,who was very humble listening this.Next year he qualified IAS and shared there were questions on above topics.He came to village to say thank you to the laborer.
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    Indu what you have shared is the reality. Many students who are preparing for IAS are restricting to bookish knowledge and taking long term coaching, but they should also know that the reality matters also on the field.
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    Yes, such 'out of the box' questions are asked in these interviews, to determine the best candidates, for the job. My cousin (bua's daughter) appeared for the IAS and cleared the interview way back in the early 70s. She cleared the interview, along with her beau, who got selected for the IFS, having stood 6th at the All India level. Those days the top rankers were automatically absorbed into the foreign services and became diplomats.

    He went on to join the foreign services and served as High Commissioner/Ambassador in many countries. They got married and my di did not join the training for the IAS. She used to tell us about the questions that she and he (my jiju) had to prepare for the interview. In fact, as kids, we would gather around her, and she would ask us these questions that left us confused.

    How a candidate answers tricky questions shows their presence of mind. It provides an insight to their ability to think on their feet.

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    The way of posing questions in interviews have also underwent transformation with the change of time. Though Civil Services Examination has its own privilege even today, I can say the liberalization has taken place during the post-Mandal commission period. The latest pattern of examination has limited the knowledge of the candidate to one optional subject in the Preliminary and mains examination while a candidate had to struggle to get in-depth knowledge in two optional subjects till the recent past.

    Testing the communication skills apart, any interview including the one conducted by UPSC focus on the candidates background, General awareness and his in-depth knowledge on the contemporary issues. Sometimes certain questions are asked to test our presence of mind and to ease the individual from feeling uncomfortable as could be seen from his body language. I too have never come across such trivial/tricky questions during my interviews of my times in the later-80s and early 90s. Even the latest information given by the IAS topper from AP says interviews are conducted by UPSC in their regional languages and one can understand how the scenario has changed.


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    I have read the thread and subsequent responses. The thread talks about tricky questions asked in the interview of Indian Civil Services examination. I beg to differ from the main thread and the responses.

    The interview board for the Indian Civil Services (ICS) examination consists of 5 members including the chairman. In a semi-circular table, the Chairman seats at the centre and candidate sits directly opposite to the chairman. The interview generally consists of 30-35 minutes. Unlike other interviews, the more time the board takes, the more probability does the candidate have for selection. Generally the chairman initiates the discussion on the academic qualification and family background of the candidate. Then the subject expert asks questions on the area of study of the candidate. The other three members ask questions on current affairs, international affairs and various other aspects including various Government schemes. In the interview for ICS, the 'tricky' question means seeking the opinion of the candidate on controversial/burning contemporary issues.

    The tricky questions which have been discussed by the Members in this thread, are generally not asked in the interview of ICS. In fact, ICS interview is not an interivew-it is exchange of opinion on various issues. The depth of knowledge of a candidate is judged in this interview (personality test).

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    The one thing all the candidates for these kind of interviews must learn is giving only the positive responses to the question. Even in difficult condition question the responses must be of positive only. All these questions check the personality of candidate. If board poses tricky type of question keep response positive to show you can handle situation with great elans.
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    In an interview I was asked whether I had applied leave (from the job I was doing then) for attending the interview. I replied that I applied and got leave sanctioned 'for personal matter'. They asked why it was so and why I did not disclose the real reason. I told them that I had confided with my immediate boss about the matter and he wished me well. But formally no employer will like to leave his trained employee.Moreover I was not telling a lie or 'bunking'' without sanction. I have not put the routine i trouble as i had given notice of my leave to enable arrangement. I was downright honest, I feel.

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