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    If brakes were not there, .........

    Amrita was learning Car driving in a nearby Car driving school. The mechanic cum tutor was emphasizing the importance of A,B,C though the steering was under her control. "The Accelerator, Brakes and the Clutch at the legs to be operated simultaneously and one need to apply his/her techniques with presence of mind", the tutor added. With daily practice for a week, Amrita felt happy and wanted to display her knowledge before her sister Sanghamitra.

    "Do you know the importance of A,B,C?", Amrita asked her and she replied in negative. "Then arleast tell me, why do we have brakes in a car?", she asked again.

    Sanghamitra replied in cool saying, "To enable you to drive faster".
    Amrita was taken aback to get such a response. Again Sanghmitra continued that brakes are required to stop, to check the speed and required to overcome the anticipated hurdles ahead. Thus you can have a control on your drive and reach your destination with controlled levels of speed and accuracy in drive.

    "If brakes were not there, you are not confident of reaching your destination, you can't accelerate your driving momentum with all probability of skidding and what not. If brakes are there, you can go with whatever speed you can. The moment you know that brakes are not there, then think of your situation", she added.

    Yes, Sanghamitra is right. It can be applied in our life too. Unless there are hurdles, we can't progress and move ahead!
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    Question mark! I seriously have not understood the connection between brakes and the hurdles in our lives. How is the conversation relevant to our lives?

    "Unless there are hurdles, we can't progress and move ahead!" Not understood. Kindly explain.

    As for me, I believe that we must learn to circumvent hurdles life throws at us, not apply brakes. The first thing a good driver does is ensure that their vehicle is in good shape, only then do they set out to drive. Same is with life – we must be in control only then can we succeed.

    Brakes are an emergency option, but there is still a chance of hitting something, even when brakes are applied. There is also the chance of losing control of the vehicle if we are doing really high speed. You cannot just ram the brakes, at high speed. The car can spin and turn turtle. To say brakes allow us to drive fast(er) is not quite right.

    As far as hurdles and brakes are concerned -

    1. Hurdles on the road slow me down and delay me.
    2. I can use the brake only if something is right in my path.
    3. I always have the option of steering away from the hurdle.
    4. I can slow down and not accelerate as much.
    5. If brakes fail I can change gear, and slow down.
    6. I can use the handbrake if the peddle brake fails.

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    In a car, the driver has to decide when and where he/she has to apply brake. Others should not and must not take the decision on his/her behalf. Similarly, in other areas of life, only the person concerned should decide when and where to apply brake. Others may advise the person, but should not force him/her to apply brake.
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    Brakes are but one kind of control tools. They are needed to prevent us from hitting hurdles or tumbling on our own uncontrolled speed. Brakes are invented only after experience and learning from hitting on the hurdles.

    If brakes ere not there,human ingenuity and experience would have enabled us to invent some other tools for the same purpose. That is why it is said 'necessity is mother of invention'. In that sense I can agree that hurdles help progress- by provoking us to use our intelligence to invent new tools to overcome hurdles.

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    Nice comparison of brakes in a car with that of life. Yes in life too we have to live with caution and many hurdles through challenges would come from any direction, and we have to be ready with applying brakes at right time. Though some have the knack of driving the vehicle through accelerator which can minimize the speed to certain extent, it is the break which actually stops the vehicle. In scooter too when the break wire get cut suddenly , one should not panic bur drive through gears and can bring the vehicle to halt by changing the gears. Like wise in life too we have to exercise our past experience and apply the mind to stop taking such actions which are against our will and wish. No matter gears are our wants which are unlimited and some times cannot be achievable, but we have to restrain ourselves and be ready to face the challenge.
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    Brakes enable us to drive faster. I liked this answer. Just because we have a brake to stop our vehicle, we are confident of driving the vehicle faster and faster as much as the wheel can rotate. It is a confident building item while driving. If our brakes are not fit enough to stop, we may not move the vehicle.

    Your car brake and hurdles in life makes me to laugh. What a joke. We don't stop at hurdles in life. We steer away or ride over the humps and bumps slowly steadily and carefully.

    A good driver never uses the brakes. He judges the turns, humps, bumps, ditches, ups and downs in advance and drives accordingly using the A and C leaving the B. Same is applicable to life also.

    Brake is to be applied only in an emergency, not otherwise. Speed can be controlled by less acceleration and by coming down to the lower gear.

    Not a wise thought and comparison of car brake with life hurdle. Rejected.

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    From one member to another –

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    The guideline says –

    "Avoid unwanted punctuation including multiple use of same punctuation. Repeated symbols like !!!, ??????, ...... etc are not allowed."

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    A driver will drive the car confidently when he knows he has a mechanism to stop or slow down the vehicle when it is required. Otherwise he will never drive his vehicle confidently thinking some problem on the way will come and no mechanism to control the vehicle. So brakes will give you the confidence.

    In our life also we will be doing so many activities. We will have some goals and we take all actions required to reach the goal. If you are over confident and think that no problem will come, you will not take any precautions and not concentrate much thinking that we can complete the work. But if you know in the process there may be a chance that you may face some hurdles, you will think and act accordingly. This implies that human brain has the power of accelerating or slowing down the things. Here in our system brakes and accelerator are in built and human brain will take necessary action as and when required prompting us to do the needful.
    If brakes are not there, the driver may not go fast thinking that we may not be able to control as and when required. There are gear less vehicles but not brake and accelerator less vehicle. In human life brain will play the dual role accelerating and braking the pursuits.
    A good comparison in fact. What I personally feel is, if we think that we can control the things whenever required we will go ahead confidently like a driver who drives the car fast . Otherwise we may hesitate to do anything thinking that some problem may come, we may not be able to overcome.
    The author of thread may agree or not.

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    In our life we go on trying and working for new opportunities and take up new challenges and in this journey many times miserably fail and then we have to stop and introspect where we went wrong.
    It appears as if some unseen power has suddenly put a brake in our life just to protect us from falling into the ditch of failures ahead.
    This braking mechanism is required for stopping, taking corrective measures and then again go on to pursue the goals.

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    As we all know that a smooth see never produced a skilled mariner, the bumpy, thorny and the path less travelled in life teaches one the difference between good and evil. Although I should not have used the word 'should' as man is a mere puppet in the hand of its destiny, he must face the things come what may. But bumpy rides definitely improves one's confidence despite slowering the progress.

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