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    Admission in DPS Rohini for class 11

    I need some help for the admission of my son in DPS Rohini, in class 11 because we missed the date of admission test. I this situation I wanted to know if DPS may still consider a student, based upon his grade 10 marks (90%) & also if he has excellent academic record. I don't know how to proceed. My son is a brilliant student but I want to give him better academic environment for class 11 & 12 so that he is better prepared for the IIT/Engineering etc. Please advice. Thanks.
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    You have not mentioned the city or the branch of the school. There is more than one DPS, in Delhi alone.

    Here is what you can do -

    1. Please check with the school if they have another date set for admission test
    2. Seek an appointment with the school management and request them to consider your case
    3. Check with the local MLA and see if he has some clout
    4. Get your child admitted in another school

    If your child wants to prepare for JEE then you can think of getting him admitted into a school that offers an integrated programme. Coaching centres collaborate with schools and set up coaching centres within the school. These function like regular classroom programmes, and are not stressful. The morning half is devoted to the board syllabus and the post-lunch session is dedicated to JEE coaching. The faculty in such places is dedicated and the study material is specially designed to cover PCM.

    If you let me know which city you are in then I could perhaps help you locate schools that have such affiliations, in your city.

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    Directly go to the DPS school branch where you want to join your son and ask the school authorities that their is any other way to get admission in the school other than the admission test. If their any possibility they will suggest you to do like so. Other wise choose any another branch of the school and try or choose other reputed school which offers quality education. Hope your son gets admission in the school which he is interested. All the best.

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    Thank you very much for the advice. I was talking about admission in DPS Rohini, i.e. Rohini location in Delhi and its about getting admission in grade 11, science stream. We are in Canada right now but returning back to India in the first week of July. So we can only meet the principle / school staff after we are there probably after July 5th and my worry is the admissions will be closed by that time and school might simply say sorry, you are too late. Please let me know if you can advice me about what can I do in this situation.

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    You can send email communication to the principle / school staff telling to them your situation. If you tell to them you are in the Canada they will surely listen and give some weightage to the situation. The alternate option is to make phone call and tell to them your problem. Surely, the management will listen. The website page has admission notice on it. Have you filled the form in the online. You can fill the form in the online no need to go to the office. They will give call to you. Only thing the entrance test date is not on the website only they give process of the admission and how the test will be. What they will ask is also given in the school website. Please check the school website for all the details. All the best to your son. He is an brilliant student.
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