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    Do you think doctors practice what they preach?

    Doctors often advice their patients about following a healthy lifestyle, strick diet and no to bad habits. We see doctors speaking on TV channels now and then on how to keep oneself fit to avoid various health issues. One of my cousin is a dentist who advices her patients to use one particular toothpaste but she uses a different one as her husband dislikes the brand that she suggests.
    Do you feel doctors follow what they tell?
    As per my observation they ask people not to drink and smoke but in reality there are many doctors who cannot get rid of those habits. There are many doctors who advise a morning walk but they themselves will never take a walk.
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    Good thread initiated by the author which was always bothering me now and then but our forum may not allow discuss anything against the the doctor profession. What you said is right. Doctors wont practice what they preach. Because they are visited by medical representatives of various companies daily and they influence to recommend their product with lots of samples. In marketing there is a saying that if some one talks too much about a product, then it means the product is not that superior. Probably the doctors may be following this pattern of marketing. They might have tested the particular brand tooth paste and when it comes to their choice, they have to heed to the choice of the family and not their personal choice. Likewise drinking and smoking is also present in some doctors who cannot avoid those nasty habits , but they do not display in public else they will invite wrath.
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    The author has raised a very interesting thread and it requires some insight of Doctors professional life versus his personal life.

    Doctors are also human beings and we can not expect them to be perfect in all respects. Doctors job is full of responsibilities and patients have full faith on them. Due to this high expectation of the patients they have to be careful in their advice.

    It is entirely a personal matter for them whether they follow those advices themselves or not.

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    All human beings are not good and at the same time all are not bad also. Doctors are also human beings. So they will also have likes and dislikes. They will also have their personal life. So whatever they advise the patients,they may not be able to practice. What is required for the patient will be advised by the doctor.

    We should not expect them to follow what they preach. Different types of patients will be coming to them. They have to treat them as per the illness they are having. In that course they may advise the patient many activities. Those are good to the patient. Like this they will advise different patients as required differently. It is humanly impossible to follow all those advises by the doctor himself.

    Coming to smoking and drinking, it is individual's prerogative. The doctor in him may advise not to do that but he may not be able to follow the same. It is purely his personal issue.

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    Doctors may or may not follow what they advise to other patients. Its their wish if they are interested they will follow otherwise not. They are also human beings like us they too have interests, likes. Their is no rule that doctors have to follow what ever they preach.

    They deal with different types of patients daily, If one person have allergy - doctors say not to eat allergy causing items. That doesn't mean Doctor also should not eat those items. They prescribed different medicine and will say different precautions to patients based on their disease.

    And as K Mohan Sir said, many medical representatives visit Doctors and ask them to prescribe their products to patients. So Doctor's choose the products which they think they are right. That doesn't mean that he should also use the same brand product. He might have interested or not in that product. It is their wish to use the product of their choice. Many celebrities acts in advertisements and say to use those products, that doesn't mean that all celebrities use the products they act in. They does it just for money.

    And Doctors do have bad habits, it is entirely their personal. If they want to stop their bad habits they will otherwise not.


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    No one practices what they preach. Not doctors, not anyone. We preach because we think we have a power over others.

    Doctors preach because that is part of their job. You pay for that consultation. When doctors prescribe medicines they also suggest many dos and don'ts, just so that the healing begins from within. Half the battle is won, if a high blood pressure patient loses weight or a diabetic person begins eating right.

    Doctors I am presuming keep tabs on their health and continue with their 'vices' in a controlled manner.

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    Doctors are not super humans and they too want to enjoy the life in their own way. By virtue of their profession and in the interest of the patient, they make suggestions which need not be followed for themselves always. Only thing we can presume that they may take some precautionary measures to safeguard from ill-health.

    If we go for a general discussion on bad habits such as drinking and smoking, I find those who drink and smoke seem to be more health conscious than those non-smokers and who won't drink as I find many of them go for regular walk and daily exercises.


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