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    Do you support Central Government's directive about PVC winners?

    On 2nd May, 2017, the HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar has launched 'Students for soldiers- a nationwide Vidya – Veerta Abhiyan' to encourage universities and educational institutions across the country to display portraits of Param Veer Chakra-decorated soldiers. This has been done to fulfill the demand of the ex-Servicemen's Association.

    In England, every citizen know about Lord Nelson or Field Marshal Montgomery. In the US, everybody knows about General Patton. French citizens know about De Gulle. Even in our neighbouring Bangladesh, school-going children know about their seven 'Bir Shreshtho', the highest gallantry award winners of that country.

    But in India, how many of us know about our twenty-one Param Veer Chakra winners? I personally know that very few of us can immediately recall the name of first Param Veer Chakra winner. I feel that this does not speak very well about the great military tradition of our country.

    I fully support the present directive of the Central Government. What about other Members?
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    Yes I fully support the government move to honor the PVC winners and their list with photos must be prominently placed in public places and Institutions. By doing so the budding children and students would get " Prerna" and thus they will have high esteem for the country. Moreover for that matter every gallantry act of Military and civilians must be highlighted and their photos must be placed in Parliament museum for others to know. After all , if our country wont respect the sacrifices, then who does.? In fact separate Ministry for this purpose must be created to collect the old information and photos for tabulation and fixing.
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    In 1990 there used to be a serial on Tv "PARAMVEER CHAKRA" i watched and enjoyed it very much. It was very much inspirational. Major Somnath sharma was the first PVC winner. Some of the names i remember are- major shaitan singh, Flt LT NIRMAL JEET SINGH SEKHON. Abdul Hameed. not only PVC winners, other soldiers had also served and bleed for this nation.
    What is the tragedy of this nation now no educated and well off parents want to join their wards the defense forces. Only the farmers sons, poor people's wards, defense forces personnel wards joining this service. How many ministers, bureaucrats' and industrialists sons are there in the service of motherland? I think zero! so there is a need for compulsory 5 years military service in India.

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    Although I fully agree with Mr. Sharma regarding compulsory military training (conscription) of all able-bodied young men and women of the country, I think the armed forces of the country still don't have that infrastructure.

    If the young students know about our military heroes, it is expected that at least some of them would be interested to join armed forces.

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    It is a good move. As mentioned by Mr. Partha, many of us even don't know how many won the Param Veer Chakra. In our country many people are not interested in joining military forces. They want to be Engineers, Doctors or software professionals but not military officers. No student is interested in knowing what is Param Veer Chakra and to whom it will be given. But majority knows about Padma Awards. The reason is all newspapers and media will give lot of importance and advertise it very much in their media. But the news about PVC will not be given that much importance. Because no politics is involved in it.
    Hence it is the duty of the government to see that these awards winners also gets some recognition in the public. As mentioned it will create lot of interest among the students if the winners photos were displayed in a prominent place.
    Another point is to make a small booklet of all PVC winners so far and that can be made as an non detailed Text for high school students. That makes everybody to study and know about PVC winners. If not a separate book, at least a chapter will be very good.
    A good move by Central Government.

    always confident

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    I fully support the initiative by the Central government to display the portraits of Param Veer Chakra decorated soldiers along with details of their gallantry acts in all educational institutes across the Country. I am not sure whether they will just become one among the many other portraits decorating the walls of such institutions, but I would certainly be glad if at least a few of those who come across would stand for a minute to see the faces and read the details and feel inspired to be part of the uniformed forces defending our national security.
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    I sincerely expect to know the opinion of other Members on this issue. Like every other steps of the Central Government, this issue is also being criticised by the liberal intelligentsia of the country.
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