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    If all members have a get together, at which place do you prefer to have it?

    We are all from different parts of the country but have a very special bondage among us i.e., virtual friendship. The bonding thread is none other than ISC. We share our views, we fight with each other, we enjoy the fun and what not. Though it is not practically feasible to organise a meeting of all active members at one common point due to various reasons such as financial constraints, a weird thought has struck to my mind, if such a get together is organised, where the event is to be held at.
    So many places have come up but I couldn't finalise even one in my coral imagination.

    Then I thought of letting our beloved members to suggest a good place in India giving a brief reason for the choice. In case any article is published on the destination point, you can provide a link to enable the members to know little more. Can you tell me, what is your choice place?
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    Well good suggestion coming from the editor. Previously also I raised such one but got no favorable response citing lots of money involved in organizing such members get together. Nevertheless for the sake of writing and imagination, I suggest Hyderabad as the central place. Even if you take this zone is called South Central. Moreover Hyderabad is connected well from North, East, South and West. Even buses are also available from long distance. It would be privilege to organize the first ISC Members meet at Hyderabad and we can seek Google to take up the sponsor.
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    I too suggest Hyderabad . Moreover Hyderabad is connected well from North, East, South and West. Good weather now.
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    I would like the meeting to be held in Kochi – for the simple reason that ISC is based out of the city. I think the first ever meeting should be in this city. It will also give the Webmasters the opportunity to play host.

    1. I would love to meet the families of the Webmasters – their wives and their children
    2. The though of visiting the SpiderWorks Technologies office sounds good. It would be nice to see how they function there
    3. Members would be able to enjoy the beautiful climate of God's own country – soak in the natural beauty the place has to offer, do a bit of shopping for spices, tapioca and banana chips, and of course a 'kasavu'
    4. Another reason that I would love to go to Kochi is the wonderful food the city lays out – prawns, crabs, fish, rabbit, country chicken and a much talked about delicacy that can be found even in small stalls selling food by the roadside

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    It will be very nice if we get a chance to meet all other members of this site. The meeting is important. Place is secondary. As mentioned by the author we are all virtuals friends. We never met or even directly talked to each other. As such I feel it is a privilege to attend that get together irrespective of place. My Suggestion is also Hyderabad. It is not that I am from Hyderabad, but Hyderabad is the center for many places. A person coming from Bombay may have to travel very long to reach Kochi, where as it is almost 14 to 15 hours by train from Bombay to Hyderabad. It is over night journey from Chennai, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam. It is very well connected by trains, flights and buses from various places of India. All facilities required are available at a reasonable price and the city is having many good places to see. It is a delight to see Ramoji Film city.

    With all these reasons, I say Hyderabad is a very apt place for the meeting.

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    My view in this regard is totally different. Let our online friendship always remain online.

    So far as Kochi is concerned, I have visited this beautiful city twice. However, I would like to visit the city again to visit the ancient Synagogue and to see the Chinese net which the fishermen of the area uses.

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    I too suggest Hyderabad city. Which is well developed and well known city in all over India. This is a place where every one can survive, that's why many people shift to Hyderabad. And like other members said this city city is well connected by transport to other cities in many ways like trains, buses airlines etc.

    So I think Hyderabad is a best city to arrange meeting for ISC active members. If we meet other members with whom we are in virtual friendship it will be so thrilling.

    Though arranging meeting is not small thing as it involves lots of money, time and correct planning, the thought it self is so thrilling.


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    The idea is great and it will definitely generate a wave of applaud from the ISC members.
    Most of the members will advocate for Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Delhi, Mumbai etc as these are big and central places but in my opinion even a city centrally located will be OK if reasonable staying arrangement for the members is available.
    I am proposing this from a cost effective angle so that more members are encouraged to attend.

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    Since most of us have had the opportunity to visit the cities in India, I sincerely propose a foreign land or an Island of India. Why not we have the venue set in Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Port Blair ). Alternatively I propose Singapore as the best place for the ISC meet. We are fed up of our own Indian cities. Let us visit a clean foreign city at the cost of ISC. Hope I am not wrong with my virtual proposal.
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