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    Looks like life completed a full circle

    Has something from your childhood resurfaced in your life as an adult?

    When I was young, the nearest place my parents could take us for Sunday Mass was a Chapel in the Vatican Embassy, in New Delhi. It was here that I first saw Anand, Vijay and Ashok – the Amritraj brothers. They would, I presume, stay in the Ashoka Hotel and attend Sunday Mass at the Embassy Chapel. They stood out, for various reasons, but one of them was the bright tee-shirts they wore – in solid colours, reds, bright blue, striking yellow etc. My parents would mention them, in hushed tones and I would wonder who these guys were. I didn't know much about tennis and who these entities were but recall seeing them on various occasions, even at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi.

    Vijay was once the Chief Guest for the Sports Day at the school my brother studied. Years later, after I was married, two of the brothers were at an event I attended. I have also seen them at Mumbai and Chennai airports. Once Anand was on the same flight as I was. I kept bumping into these celebrity brothers throughout my life.

    The strange part is that they attend Mass at a Church where we often go to. After so many years, I got to speak to one of them, the other day. This whole thing looks surreal like we were dodgems bumping into each other.

    Have you had any such experience – when you kept meeting/seeing the same person, as in a stranger, over and over again, at different phases of your life?
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    Anand, Vijay and Ashok Amritraj were from Chennai. But most probably they are now living at LA and are actively associated with film production.
    In Delhi, I regularly meet a lady (she is not a celebrity) in different Government offices, but I don't know anything about her. I only know that she is a Government official. Nowadays I no longer get astonished whenever I see her. Nowadays I feel amused when I meet her in different Govt. offices.

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    Childhood curiosities about persons seen at different places are rekindled when you find them again after a long time and you feel to talk to them if opportunity permits just to share those silent acquaintances.
    I don't want to be poetic but yes it gives a kind of fulfillment in talking to them at so close a quarter. This happens towards any person not necessarily a celebrity.
    During the journey of life seeing some people again and again at some unexpected places brings a kind of thrill and we are forced to break the silence in between.

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    It is quite common to meet some unknown persons regularly when we travel daily from our place of stay to our office /college. I used to go to my Junior college daily by a bus from our village. In the same bus one boy was also travelling . He was also getting down at the same place where I was getting down and we were going in different directions. Again next day morning in the bus again he will be there. After a month we just got introduces ourselves. But after another fifteen days, that boy stopped coming. I didn't know the reason. Again after 2 years when I got admitted into a college for my graduation, it happened to see that boy in the same college. I am delighted and slowly we have became friends. Even now also we are in touch.
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    They have a palatial property in Chennai. Anand and his family still reside in Chennai and I believe they have business interests in the country. He is a regular to the Church. The parents also stayed there, until they moved on. They were in Church every Sunday, in wheelchairs.

    Vijay and Ashok reside abroad. However, family bonds are strong and people return to their homeland, more often than we know. Maybe their business interests bring them home. They are in the city often, and almost always in Church for Christmas and Easter Mass. The brothers sponsor many events at the Church, (St. Theresa's Church, Nungambakkam), especially during the Holy Week and Christmas.

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    Definitely a scintillating experience when we come across such celebrities at different phases of life. Such things as mentioned by you rarely happen. In my case it was slightly different. We were not acquainted with the game of cricket till my Intermediate and truly heard the name of Sunil Gavaskar first when he hit his 22nd hundred. All news papers were praising the Little Master and I started learning about him and the game. In the later years, I too became an opener for my College and University times. It's a different story. He was awarded Doctorate when I got my M Sc degree in the University convocation. First time I too thronged to shake his hand when he was felicitated and still I don't forget his serious look at me for the way in which I pulled his hand. Couple of years ago, I got an opportunity to meet him at Mumbai Airport while I had to proceed to Bangalore, this time at least I could get a greeting in return, "hello" which made me more happier.

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    While I was in Kochi, I and my wife used to visit the St Antony's Church at Kalloor , Ernakulam. There I used to see one cine actress by name Deepa(Unni Mary). Generally we visit the church only on Tuesday. I have seen this actress whenever I visited the Church. I used to admire her beauty. But in the Church she used to be very simple and humble. After many days, I just smiled at her, and she returned that smile. I simply said , " Hello". She returned the same hello to me. From her look, I could understand that she had some serious family problem that made her to visit the church regularly.
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    When I was in college for my post graduation, we all were very impressed with our Psychology professor specially the way he taught us explaining everything to a great extent.

    Years passed and I was staying with my husband in another town and once it happened that I had to visit my place of education and in the evening while strolling through the main market I bumped on the professor and in my excitement started to talk to him without noticing that he was trying to recollect. I explained him who I was and when I was in college etc. He seemed to recollect and talked with interest and respect. By that time I had composed myself and left him after saying good bye.

    Today I recollected this incidence after reading this thread and you are right sometimes it completes the circle.

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    Great to know that so many of you have had pretty similar encounters. I mean what are the odds of such a thing to happen.
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    Once I had been to visit the Prasad Eye labs to see a patient and when he was in the doctor room I just went outside and strolled in the park beside the hospital which is the dubbing Institute too. I happen to chance upon see noted producer, director and actor Narayana Murthy and it was pleasant surprise to meet him alone and he also obliged with a photo too. And once I had been to a three star hotel to have dinner and there I could meet Koneru Hampi and that was chance meeting. Sometimes we come across people suddenly and we wont know what to talk with them at that time.
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