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    Answer deleted but 5 points remain!

    Please refer to the following link:-

    Dilemma after 12th boards result

    This is a question asked in the 'Ask Expert' Section. Along with other Members, I also submitted an answer (#143126). Just now I have checked that the concerned Editor has deleted my answer. This is the first time my answer has been completely deleted. But the points (5 points) still remain.

    In this connection, I would like to know the following:-
    (a) For which factual inaccuracies my answer has been deleted?
    (b) Are the points (5 points) credited due to my brilliant footer?
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    If the Editors feel that our answer is not apt they may reduced the points or make the points "0". But in this case it is reverse. Matter is not there but points are there. It is good that your points are not reduces. As you said the concerned Editor may answer your doubt.
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    Partha, your query has been forwarded to the concerned section to check and verify. Please wait for a response.
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    Yes just visited that particular thread and found that your answer has been deleted and the points are retained. For the first time I am seeing such credits. I sure by tomorrow morning even points would be deleted.
    K Mohan
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    The concerned editor might have forgot to reduce points while deleting your answer.

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    Just I have checked the link given by you and it is clear that the response was sent to Pending status giving the reason. You might have got the alert. For other members, your response won't be visible and the points you got by default would continue as the response is in pending status. If it is deleted, you won't get any points.

    Since you have made the query without checking the alert, I am appending it below:
    This response is marked as PENDING by the admin. Reason: Remove the employment part. Only answer what is asked in the question.
    Please correct the mistakes and resubmit for further review.

    Now, you can edit your response as suggested by the Editor and resubmit it.


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    No, Mr. Patro. The fact of pending answer was not clear before your response (#600538). I still can't read my previous answer for editing. Kindly do the needful.
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    It was visible for me, if getting logged through my user account. Seems to be another technical glitch and the matter would be reported to WM.

    Meantime, I have approved your answer now overruling the decision given by the other Editor. Just confirm whether you got the alert now or not.


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    If we are given the zero points for our response, then the matter should also be deleted. Why the matter is visible to all. By the way congrats to the author for winning back the points.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Patro:

    1. Now I have received 4 points and Rs. 4/- cash credit. Sincere thanks to you.
    2. I have not been receiving any alert for the answer to the question.
    3. Kindly rectify the technical problem.
    4. Please ask the concerned Editor who had earlier reviewed the answer to be more careful.

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    What is happening with the Editors? One editor sends a post to pending, and another editor consider it if a query is raised. What is this? I think ISC is being mismanaged by the Editors.
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    I have deliberately not locked this thread after getting the response from the author. Had I done so, you or some other one could raise another thread with the same comments highlighting it as if a grave mistake was done by the team.

    Just go through the entire proceedings here. Then come back and pass comments. As the member was unable to open the thread in pending status, I preferred to approve it instead of keeping him wait further as resolving the technical glitch may take some time.


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    Trying to remember the famous adage of Mr. Sun:"When love is thin, fault is thick". Isn't it, Mr. Sun?
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