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    How to carry your money safely? Shirt pocket, in the wallet or in the back pocket of your trousers?

    For the ladies keeping their money in the purse is the normal practice. For gents keeping money is different. Some keep money only inside the shirt pocket, some have the habit of carrying a wallet in which the money and credit cards are kept, some have the habit of retaining money in the hind pockets of our trousers. We all know it is easy to pick pocket the money from back pockets, but even while knowing that fully well we prefer to place the wallet and money on hind pocket of pants. How do you safeguard the money you carry. Share here for our benefit.
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    I still use public transport, but try to avoid crowded bus or metro. I keep minimum amount of money in my purse ( usually less than Rs. 100/-). I keep the major amount in my bag which I always carry.
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    Keeping your money, mobile and other things safe during travel is becoming challenging day by day.
    I have some bitter experience and now I am keeping a backpack or shoulder bag invariably to keep the wallet and mobile there along with other items if any.
    This has given quite a good relief as things are safe in the bag.
    Some people feel to keep bag as a hassle but to get something you have to sacrifice something.
    People have their own methods of safety and some have inside pockets at waist in the trousers and things like that.

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    It is always better to be careful when we carry money with us. Keeping money in the back pocket is very unsafe. It is very easily accessible to the pick pocketers. Keeping in
    the side pocket is safe. Generally I keep small money only in the purse. I carry major amounts in a secret pocket of the trouser. This pocket is not reachable to others.
    Now the necessity of carrying higher amounts is not there. On line transactions or mobile transfers are more now. So we need not worry about cash. But we keep various cards in the purse. We have to see that we will not miss them. So the wallet which contains cards should be kept very safe
    Once we were travelling to Tirupathi in a train. My father is having the habit of keeping the wallet in shirt pocket. It was pick pocketed. But luckily noticed the pickpocketer and caught hold of him. But by the time we caught hold of him half the money from the purse vanished. The remaining half was recovered. The thief was handed over to Railway police.

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    I am a bit overcautious in this regard. Probably because we were not at all wealthy money was scarce to come in my younger days. So I had in my mind an inbuilt principle that conservation and savings are important. I could not afford t lose money even the small pennies.

    That made me to be extra cautious and careful. Moreover I started my career with my first job in Mumbai. Travelling by the overcrowded local trains needed much ingenuity in everything. I used to keep my money-whatever small amount it might be- in different places. A little in the front pocket of the shirt. A little in the backpocket. A little in the side pocket and some reserve money inside the 'safety pocket or ticket pocket'.

    The habit continued throughout and still I have te same habit.

    But let me say, never ever my money was stolen or 'pick-pocketed'. Once when I was travelling by bus , I had lost my money as my purse got slid from the back pocket . That was the only time I lost my money. Thank God, thanks to all good fellow people.

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    I still wonder how the youth keep their wallet on the back pocket of jeans and avoid being pick pocketed ?
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    When moving in public transport it is always better to be cautious, especially if you are carrying a lot of money. Pickpockets generally work in a gang, they are rarely alone. Money from your pocket can change hands within a matter of seconds.

    I think men should carry money in the tiny pocket that comes attached to the inside of the trouser, in the front. That appears to be the safest and the most secure place. Though, the problem with these pockets is that they are not too large and cannot hold big amounts.

    I have seen small time business men and people in villages wearing tailored vests, made from muslin cloth. These, unlike the readymade vests, have a pocket, where money can be stashed.

    However, carrying money or other valuables in a backpack is not advisable, especially if it is going to be carried on the shoulders, outside of view.

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    The comment of Ms Juana ("I think men should carry money in the tiny pocket that comes attached to the inside of the trouser, in the front") brings back a painful memory of my university days in 1988. Let me share this.

    One day, my father ordered me to take admission in a short-term evening course (Diploma in Science Journalism). In a rainy Saturday afternoon, I left our residence early for Jadavpur University. I had to change the bus at Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata. After getting down, I found that in the Navina cinema, a new film had been released. I still remember the name of the film: 'Last days of Idi Amin'. As I had adequatee time, I purchased a ticket and entered the hall to find the hall almost empty. So, quite naturally, I went to the most comfortable seat and started enjoying the film in the almost empty hall. After 10-15 minutes, another man came and sat just beside me. Within another 10 minutes, the man started sleeping. I enjoyed the film and when I came out and went to the public washroom, I found that the small pocket inside the trouser where I had kept the admission fee, was not there! Yes, the pocket was not there! The man who was sleeping beside me, had brilliantly taken out the small pocket of my trouser.

    I returned home without taking admission (eventually took admision in the course on next Monday). But from that day onwards, , I have started respecting the art of the pickpockets.

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