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    Do you believe that politics is the last refuge for the undeserved?

    The good students either join engineering or medical stream. The meritorious and ambitious students try for IAS or other highly coveted services.

    Some go for MBA or technical courses or diplomas. Some take care of their family business.

    Even after that many students or college drop outs remain. Where do they go?

    Some of them go to politics and no surprise become ministers.

    Do you believe that politics is the last refuge for undeserved?
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    I have edited the title by removing an unparliamentary word and replaced it with 'undeserved'. You may be right in expressing your anger but should be in a polished way.

    We have seen efficient officers like Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan, leader Loksatta, Arivind Kejriwaal, AAP and former Finance Minister Yaswant Sinha in politics. We had a foreign diplomat by name I K Gujral, former RBI Governor Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minsters. Don't downsize the profession because of certain bad elements who influence the politics today.


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    I do not say, believe or support the message intended by the title or core body of the thread.
    Politics just reflects and represents the society. So it will have all the ingredients tat is available in society also. We are a representative democracy. So from the illiterate to the doctor and doctorate will find a place in our legislatures,Parliament and local bodies. It should be so. Then only these bodies can serve the full spectrum of people.

    Just after independence most political parties had people wearing khadi and using swadeshi goods. That was the need of the hour. Now a smartphone or a motor car have become necessity and that helps to serve better. Similarly many of our legislators and parliamentarians are law graduates, post graduates , doctors, cinema actors, sportsmen ,writers and teachers. Unless the society is uniform, we cannot expect only the politicians alone to be of a certain type.

    If we properly look at things and facts, we can see that our political parties and elected bodies have people from all the fields and categories mentioned in the thread. Democracy is people's collective wisdom.

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    I wont agree with the notion of the author that politics is the refuge for the undeserved. Actually we the voters have not understood the power of votes in democracy and we keep on trusting those rotten old faces in the politics and keep on electing them that they would do at least this time better. Now the awareness has come in the public. Even the educated ones are entering the politics. If the parties wont recognize the educated lot, let them stand on as Independent and garner the support with their sole aims. But again politics is the game of money and muscle power. Only the fittest would have the place here. The elections have become a costly affair. You cannot bank upon the votes of the educated as they vote in less and the poor has to be approached with liquor and money largess which is not possible for ordinary person.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In politics all kinds of people are there. Only dropouts are going to politics is a little exaggerated statement. Present day politicians are well educated. They are assisted by the so called intelligent and sharp IAS officers. Because of these two only corruption started in our country.
    In earlier days I know one or two uneducated becoming ministers. The Bureaucrats working under them made them a scapegoat for their betterment.
    All sorts of people are there in politics.
    As mentioned by Mr.Mohan, voters are not intelligent enough to choose a right candidate. They simply go by the short term benefits during elections rather than thinking about long term benefits. If a real uncorrupted and good people has to shine in politics means the voters should understand the importance of their vote and see that good people will come to rule you. Recently there is some change but still a long way to go.

    always confident

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    The author probably might be referring to the lower rung of politicians who are often not highly qualified. The issue of a minimum qualification for politicians has been discussed in different forums, so there is a bit of truth in what is mentioned. The author might also be referring to the fact that very few educated people take to politics – it is not looked upon as a profession as such.
    However, there are many highly qualified politicians such as those mentioned below.
    1. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia – Economics from Harvard, followed by an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business
    2. Milind Murli Deora - Boston University
    3. Akhilesh Yadav – holds a post graduate degree in environmental engineering
    4. Manohar Parrikar - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
    5. Shashi Tharoor- a post graduate fromTufts University
    6. Kapil Sibal, LLM from Harvard Law School
    7. L.K. Advani – has a law degree from the Govt Law College of the University of Bombay

    There are many other politicians who are equally well qualified.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    There are many countries like Canada where all the Ministers are highly qualified as well as their qualifications are related to their present portfolio. On the other hand in developing countries the situation is different and to some extent the thread is addressing the issue in those places.

    Everyone does not have taste and interest in going to politics as a career. Some people have lot of inclination towards leadership and taking the things in their hand and they will try to go in politics on the first opportunity.
    There are cases when people left good jobs to pursue politics. So it is a mixed lot.

    Knowledge is power.

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