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    Termites can tear your might !

    Termites are the small forms of worms which are some times not even seen to our eyes and yet they can cause immense damage to our furniture, fixtures and house properties. These termites are mostly found in the red soil areas. We feel that red soil is good for the plants and growth of good garden. But the red soil contains enormous termites which may even destroy a building. Though termite treatment has been done before hand while constructing but still the problems would persist. So termites have the power to tear your might. Do you agree ?
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    Yes, I totally agree with you. They remind us the proverb - 'A stitch in time saves nine' many a times. If they are not treated properly at the initial stage itself, the damage would cause to a maximum extant, you may need to replace your wooden doors, windows etc., with new ones. In apartments, even if the neighbour or the resident of the upper floor undertakes an anti-termite treatment in his house, they slowly move apart for other areas. So, it is better all the residents make, it a point to do it together it would help everyone.

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    Very good and appropriate thread from Mr. Mohan. In this connection, I would like to state that I earlier raised a thread about the activities of human termites in our country. We must be very careful about termites (both insect and human) and destroy them as early as possible.

    The link of my earlier thread is given below:-
    Mission of a termite

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    Termites are insects and live in huge colonies. They create underground tunnels and travel great distances, unseen. They can also live in all kinds of soil. Anti-termite treatment done in the soil, before and during construction does not last long because the chemicals get washed away in the rain.

    Termites do not like sunlight and do not expose themselves to the sun. This is the reason you will always find muddy channels on woods that have been infested by termites. They form these tunnel-like structures and move inside them.

    If there are termite infested trees in your locality, that means a termite colony exists underground. It is best to call the pest control and get them to make it safe. They drill holes along the walls and inject pesticide into them. Such treatments last for a couple of months. I am speaking from experience because a house that was allocated to us was termite-ridden and we had to periodically get the pest control people over - there is no permanent solution unless of course, the termites decide to leave you alone.

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    Yes. It is a real problem. In my house it happened and I was forced to change the doors of my bath room with Plastic doors. Really they will create havoc. When the house construction starts anti termite treatment is to be done. After that regularly we have to get the treatment done by pest control.

    The explosives and other accessories manufactured are being packed in wooden boxes and they will be stored in a store house called Magazine. The wood is to be chemically treated before making boxes and magazines are to be under regular observation of pest control people. In northern India in one of the factories, non following of this procedure created havoc.

    Termite is a problem not only in domestic front but in all manufacturing industries also. They should be more careful.

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    Termite or 'terrible might?'. They really give us lessons on collective efforts and possibilities.

    Termites thrive in humid and ill lit surroundings. I am a victim because I lost many of my certificates and photographs of my school and college days which could have been nostalgic mementos now.

    Termites can finish off very large material within no time. Our old house was damaged mostly due to termite attack on the wooden structures for years in every rainy season.

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    Termites are the real problem. Even after repeated pest control jobs they emerge from nowhere and infest the house. Now a days it is becoming common to use metal, plastic and glass in place of wood so to that extent some relief is there but the termites can go up in the buildings through wall or wall corner and infest the false roofing. If proper anti termite treatment is done during the initial stages of house building it helps for quite some time.
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    Umesh what you said is right. Even after total pest control the termite problem persists and it would spread again certainly.
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    Nerolic... Nerolic... Nerolic...

    Mr. Sharukhan advertise this paints.

    Please don't freak out reading my comment. Actually, to protect the furnitures, especially wooden furniture, we need to paint it with Wood Fins or Enamel paints to keep out those termites.

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