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    Printed edition V/s Digital edition of books and newspapers

    We all have the habit of reading books. Generally we read newspapers, books and magazines in the form of printed edition. Now a days digital edition is more popular among youngsters. I generally prefer printed edition as it is more convenient to me.
    Members, please share your opinion which type of edition you prefer to read books and newspaper and why?
    I also want to know the advantages and disadvantages of both the editions.
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    Though many books and news papers are available in printed and digital edition, there cannot be personal feeling while reading in digital format. When we read the news paper on hand, we have the habit of going to different pages first, read the gist and then come back to the contents. When we have some work, we attend to that and then resume reading. Suppose if some article is worth it, we cut the portion and keep it for the further reference. All these things are not possible in digital mode. Moreover when we read the paper, others would also want to read the news paper. That means we would inculcate the habit of reading and that is not possible through digital reading. And when the computer is off , or not functioning or the power goes, we cannot read the digital format. But news paper and books can be read any time and any number of times.
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    I also feel satisfied by reading printed format rather than digital edition. Generally in newspapers news will be given half page and then they say go to another page for details. In digital format it is very time consuming to go and come back and go again. So it always give a feeling of half read only.
    But with the present day trend slowly everybody should switch over to digital version as it is not eco friendly to consume more papers. Trees are being cut to make paper. So we should not encourage printed versions any more. Everybody may have to use digital format.

    Once we get accustomed to digital version I think we love reading the same. Recently I started seeing newspaper digital versions. Here is an advantage you need not limit your self with one or two papers. There are digital versions of many newspapers. You can refer whatever you want and cal also check the authenticity of the news,


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    Now a days young people easily use laptops and smart phones for reading the documents and books etc and do not bother for the printed version.

    For the older generation printed version has still got a lot of value due to the old habits as well relative ease of handling the book version.

    The habit of reading the newspaper in the morning is still there though you might have seen the things in your smart phone or TV.

    Slowly with time the digital is going to replace these hardbound things and the time is not far when books will become a thing of past.

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    Nowadays using digital books seems person is up to date trends. Using printed papers and papers will give fully read satisfaction since we touch and feel the printed one. Printed books are easy to bookmark the completed pages.

    Reading in digital format will lead boredom after some time. handling the pages in digital will be difficult. for every page we need to swipe. One important factor with printed media is we can share with others.

    Handling the gadget is very important in digital format. But, printed papers, books we can fold and wrap up anywhere. no need to secure daily papers. Illumination in digital will lead to some eye problems. In printed format we can write, mark anything that we wanted to highlight .

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    Hi all,

    I feel that it is just a matter of what is good for a particular person. Digital formats have a great advantage that a lot of books can be stored in a single device, whereas the physical format of books takes up a lot of space. I personally prefer physical books because I like the feeling of holding a book in the hand.

    There is another trend going on these days where people when building homes make a shelf and keep some books in-order to show off as being sophisticated and stylish. With the latest way in which style is going, who knows maybe in the future physical books may become style statements and digital books will be the most functional one.


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    I love reading books. I'm a fast and voracious reader, so I complete most books within a week. What happens to the books I bought then? I never re-read anything. So I'll have to discard them or gift them to save space. And constant buying or renting of books will leave you credit-less. What if the book doesn't turn out to be good? Your money is wasted. If you rented a book by any chance, then you must maintain it properly.
    And if you need books written by international authors, there aren't many stores that'd supply you. And people don't usually promote or advertise books like they do the movies.Then, where are you going to get recommendations from?
    To get rid of all these problems came e-books. These can be converted into PDFs and can be read through any electronic device. Most e-books can be downloaded for free ( some would call that illegal but it isn't).
    If your conscience hurts for downloading the book for free, there are multiple apps that would let you pay for it and enjoy it legally. Don't like it? Delete it. No maintenance, no wastage, no expenditure, extra night vision version and comes with good lighting, so safe for eyes. You can bookmark. It always resumes from the last page you left.

    There are so many reasons why e-books are appealing. And I'm on their side.

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