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    When you were small your dreams were what

    All human beings are small once and then we become adults. When we are small children we have so many dreams. We want to become this and that. Some want to become pilot some doctor. Some teacher some so many things.
    I want to become so many things to. But when we become big we cannot become so many things we want to become when we were small. One friends of mines said to me he wants to now become the ayurvedic doctor. He wants to study now. He is already 45 age but has so many dreams.
    What you wanted to become when you were small. Did you become what you had dream of.
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    I have many dreams when I was small. I want to become a Sanskrit Scholar when I used to hear the chantings of many veda pandits. But I never got any chance to go in that line. Those days these Sanskrit scholars were not getting enough encouragement and hence nobody encouraged me to go that line. My father admitted me in High school. But some basics of Sanskrit I studied.
    Later I want to become an Engineer. Those days Engineering colleges are very less. Getting a seat was very difficult. I got a seat in Civil Engineering. Those times Civil Engineers are many and getting a job was very difficult. One of my relative was a professor of Civil Engineering. He discouraged me and advised not to join. He suggested B.Sc with chemistry. After getting into B.Sc I wanted to complete my Doctorate. Here I am successful. I completed B.Sc and admitted to M.Sc. After M.Sc I got CSIR fellowship and completed my Ph.D.

    This is how it all happened.

    always confident

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    Well when we are small we think big and dream big. But when we grow up we know the intricacies of life and how difficult to pull on the daily life with so much adjustments and when we grow up our wishes tries to subsidize and even vanish seeing our condition of life. Nevertheless every one would have a dream and I also dreamed of being a airmen but unfortunately I was not selected in physical exam due to over sweating on palm. That made me more dejected and decided that I wont try for anything which is not destined to me and let the jobs comes to me knocking and I would welcome.
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    When I was child I want to become a good person like my father. I also want to be teacher and my dream come true. Today I am a teacher. I am satisfied my job. When I was a student of X standard I started teaching to the students of lower class in my mohalla. Students of lower class came to me to understand the concept of science and mathematics. To day I teach science, mathematics and Biology to the students of higher secondary classes.
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    What is the use of our childhood dreams. I never thought of becoming something in my life. I postponed my childhood thinking to think after passing my SSLC examination. Alas, I could not think anything positively after my SSLC. Destiny made me what I am destined for.

    Today I read a message in WhatsApp - I want to rear four cows. One cow fetches one litre milk a day that costs Rs 45 per litre. Just imagine what four cows could fetch in a month. After its feed and maintenance , we can still get about Rs. 35000 per month. Whereas an MBA works for Rs 8000/- salary.

    I think it better to dream of cattle rearing than to waste time, money and energy in studying MBA etc. to remain unemployed or under employed. Let us not dream to become something in childhood or adulthood. We cannot change our fate written on our pate.

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    Since my childhood, I love to dream. When I watched 'Giants of Brazil', I wanted to be a footballer like the Brazilian greats. When I first watched the test-match at Eden Gardens, I wanted to be Sunny Gavaskar (who sccored his only century at Eden in 1978, when I was present in the stadium). Later, I tried to play hockey after watching the jugglary of Mohammad Shahid and Dhanraj Pillai. I wished to become a tennis star after watching Vijay Amritraj. Ultimately I learnt nothing.
    Similarly I wanted to be a teacher, a professor, a pilot, a captain of the ship, etc. Ultimately I have become a non-descript civil servant.
    Now I am dreaming to go back to Kolkata after retirement, wear a comfortable 'loongi' and enjoy with my friends. But sometime I also imagine to go to a very lonely place in a hilly terrain (but not a hill station), and spend my last days peacefully among the simple hill-people.
    But I doubt whether my dream will ever come true!

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    We all had have dreams. Some achieve their desire while others ended up elsewhere. That's me whose dream was to become an Administrative officer and ended up in 9th standard. To be honest, I am not even matriculate. Saving that dream in my mind never let me asleep. I deleted that dream from my Mind's database and injected SQSL lines of code to become a Geek.

    There are some with good luck while others like me ended up for so many reasons certain and vague. But I believe that if we are inspired by our dreams, then we'll live forever because our actions, thoughts and imagination becomes the story of our dreams.

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    Every one dreams when one is child and these dreams whether fulfilled or not remain with him throughout the life.

    I was always fascinated by my teachers and professors specially those who taught with precision and accuracy. I used to ponder if I were in there place how I would had performed.

    I had a short opportunity to teach in a college and to that extent I was satisfied that my long cherished dream became a realty.

    As I got a better job opportunity I switched to a technical job and was busy in that environment for quite long when I again got an opportunity to train the youngsters in that industry and my teaching passion again helped me to perform in that area quite satisfactorily and I was quite contented with that additional responsibility in my organisation.

    So sometimes you feel yourself lucky that you got what you dreamt.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Like every human, me too had many childhood dreams about my future.First I dreamt of becoming a doctor.As I grew further I dreamt to be a journalist, a teacher and so on.Just see the drastic change.I beleive that during those days there were people who inspired our young minds.So our innocent minds pretend to imitate them .

    I still remember the days when I pretend myself to be a doctor and treat all objects around me as patients.Since my father is a Live Stock Inspector,I used to get some medical instruments that adds up the glory of the doctor in me.

    And finally I end up as a Civil engineer which never ever came in my dreams when I was a child.

    It was during my tenth that one of my teachers found the spark of a teacher in me.I still remember that day when I presented the first seminar of my life.Later on in all my academic life I was appreciated for the seminars that I presented.

    Now I realize that there is somewhere a good teacher in me.And that thought ended up in doing my Mtech.
    Thus for me my childhood dream was to Discover the Reality of Educating and Assessing my Mind.

    Keep dreaming......Till you achieve it.....

    Suffering is the essence of success!

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    To be honest I just wanted to be filthy rich when I was a kid and I still do. By what means, I know not. I never paid a serious attention on my career. Now however fate has destined to make me a chemical engineer. I will follow what fate decrees for few more years. Then I hope to start a business or an industry. I'm not very much of a risk-taker. That's the reason why I'm worried.
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    An excellent thread from the author in her new style. In this thread many Members (including myself) have informed about their childhood dreams. But what about the author's own dream? What did she want to become during her childhood? Has her childhood dream been fulfilled?

    We are all curious to know.

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    I did not dream.But I wanted to be a scientist. Then it changed to nuclear scientist. I took science group in college. Then took the science degree and joined a scientific research institution after applying and getting selected.
    So I can say that I became what I dreamed, to a partial or certain extent. Then realities of life shook me and made me realise that dream is a dream but life is real. But I have no regrets and feel that God is kind to me. Let that be so ever.

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    It's nice to see such candid responses.

    To answer Partha's question –

    I had wanted to be many things. To begin with, I had wanted to be Diana, the wife of Phantom, the Ghost who walks. I had wanted to be a doctor but was never inclined towards studying Biology. There was a phase when I had wanted to become a nun. My grandfather had me interested in poultry farming and I had looked at it as something that I wanted to do. I was into sports and also on the gymnastics team at school – this was the time when Nadia Comaneci scored the perfect 10. You guessed it; I wanted to be a famous gymnast, like her.

    An offer to model came my way when I was 17 – I had thick knee-length hair and received an offer from a college mate's family who manufactured a brand of shampoo, called Naturelle. So, for a time I wanted to be a model.

    Though on a serious note, I did want to become an IAS officer, circumstances changed the path my life took.

    But, yes, at the end of the day, there are no regrets. As time passed by I realised that I wanted to be successful in whatever I did. And my journey so far has been quite a success. I managed to leave a mark, in whichever field I entered. So, yes, life's been good, there is a sense of fulfilment. And I have The Almighty to thank.

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