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    A known devil is better than unknown angel.

    Do you agree with this. It is a very well known proverb. In different contests it will be interpreted in a different way. Olden days when the marriages were fixed they used to give importance to the family history, culture and background. They used to treat them as more important than the appearance of the person. So a known devil is better than a unknown angle.

    Nowadays love marriages are becoming more common. They see each other, they move together, they understand each other and marry. They say it is better than an arranged marriage where both the girl and the boy are new to each other. So a known devil is better than a
    unknown ghost.

    When we are working for an Organisation we understand the organisation better and we will get adjusted accordingly. So for a betterment when we want to shift the company people say don't take hasty decisions. It is always better to be in the present Organisation to have a stable life
    Again they say A known devil is better than an unknown ghost. But is it not limiting our progress? I am getting totally confused.
    I like to know the views of other learned members on this
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    This is the first time I am listening to this very old proverb. It made to be laugh. What you are saying is true only. Your this proverb and your one in the before post are really superstar material. So true your words. I have to agree with every thing you are telling to us. It is taking the shape of a story really. If we join your famous proverbs and understand to them.
    This is the best part about the ISC we get to learn so much important knowledge which we can be able to connect to our life. I will also try and search some knowledgeable proverb and add in a post.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    When you know about something in details it is easy to take a decision. You know what is good and what is bad.

    Now you see a thing or get a situation first time and you do not know about it. You have no idea about the pros and cons. So it is difficult for you to proceed further without knowing the basics of those new circumstances.

    So a known thing good or bad is easy to cope up while a new thing about which we have no clue can turn out to be very bad also.

    This is in nutshell I could infer or understand from your thread.

    Knowledge is power.

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    During our life period we come across different kinds of people and in that we comes to know that a known devil is better than the unknown angel. Why we call the devil the better because, we know their every move, their every overtures and thus we can also play truant with them and even make friendship. Where as we cannot take any action with the unknown angel. Because people call them angel. Unless and until one behaves with us we cannot segregate or differentiate who is devil and who is angel. So as as long as we are happy with known devil , we wont have the time to probe the unknown angel.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Such stories ,proverbs and comparisons are used to explain even hard philosophical matters , so that the laymen also understand i easily.
    Once I heard in a discourse something similar. The story was told like this. Once God summoned married women and asked them whom they will marry if they get a rebirth. All women in unison said they will marry the same husband in next birth also. God wondered why, when the wives have so many complaints against their husbands. It was then the women answered'Know devil is better than an unknown angel".
    But the comparison does not fit in the love marriage situation. There is no devil there. Till marriage at least each one feels the other is angel only.

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    This is a very interesting proverb to use in budgeting and managing finances.

    As a matter of experience, I would project my estimated expenses of all the known categories. I get this info from previous records, and then put it forward on a 12 month average. For example, my electricity bill swings from 400 to 1,600 Rs per month for a yearly total of 12,000 Rs, then I would put aside 1,000 every month whether I pay it or not. The buildup helps to tide over when I cross the average, and I don't have to take money from the monthly income. It is good to plan and prepare every known devil of expense, so the basis is set, and even when there is not enough income, one is aware that this one expense is coming up, and so some sort of preparation is forced upon. Otherwise, the known devil will turn out to be an unknown devil and mess up plans a lot more. In life we do face some unknown expenses, so we can avoid extras.

    As for the unknown angels, these are always good, and always provide a positive input of finances and windfalls and more options to whack the devils. These are like pleasant surprises we can always enjoy when we get them.

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    Well Bala has explained it very well in business matters. While the phrase is used in official circles when a new incumbent is posted his credentials are often referred to. If he is known in his earlier capacity, people prefer him though he is tough in his actions and the saying goes like this - 'Known devil is better than an unknown angel'.

    As someone has rightly said such proverbs have their own importance and need to be posted here to guide everyone.


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    Haha! Let me put it this way. I tell you not to open store room door in my house, warning you that a ghost resides there. Or an angel resides there. What would be your reaction? You will be perplexed but curious too. And this curiosity will drive you to the angel/ghost here. In the same way, A known devil is better than an unknown angel/ghost. But isn't the unknown piquing your curiosity? So in the end, you will befriend the unknown as well.

    On a sadder part, you already know the devil pretty well. Won't you lose your interest in him for you know everything about him? But the angel on other hand is completely a new person. A lot could be discovered in her. (I'm being a stereotype imagining devil a man and angel a woman).
    If only the known and unknown, both could stay with you rather than making a choice. That's life.
    Staying in your comfort zone yet discovering the intricacies of the world.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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