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    Do you think that the Army should be given a free hand to act aggressively in sensitive areas?

    Major Leetul Gogoi became a focal point of discussion for his action against a man by tying him to the bonnet of a jeep to evacuate poll officials from stone pelting people of Srinagar. This attracted severe criticism from many corners while the Defence minister Arun Jaitley endorsed the action by the Major. The Army Chief Bipin Rawat honoured him with a Commendation certificate. Do you think in war-like zones, the army should be allowed to take decisions on their own without the concurrence of the Ministry or next higher authorities?
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    When compared to previous regime, the Modi government has given free hand to the Army to deal aggressively and our armed forces are doing the best to teach the lesson to the intruders and enemies within the country. But at the same time the Army has to wait and watch to take any action immediately as scores of opposition leaders would attack with their words on media and thus Army is restraining much and taking selective actions. Nevertheless the confidence of our Indian Army is very high and there cannot be second opinion on this. Moreover the Army is ready to take on stringent action at the drop of the hat.
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    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    In every country of the world, the duty of the Army is to protect the country's border. Whenever Army is deployed to control internal insurgency, it indicates failure of administration and politicians. It is universal truth applicable everywhere.

    Army is the last resort to tackle insurgents. So, whenever a country deploys Army to control insurgency, it MUST be given free hand. If Army is not given free hand, the insurgency would not be eradicated, it will continue.

    The short-sighted politicians of the country who are advising restraint to the Indian Army, must remember this plain and simple truth. Either don't deploy Army and manage with Police and Para-military forces. And if Army is deployed, give it free hand to deal with anti-national insurgents. PERIOD.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Yes. When Army is deployed in sensitive areas to up keep Law and Order they should be given a free hand. Otherwise there is no use of deploying Army for eradication of insurgency. Opposition parties will always criticise without any point. No body should care for that. People should live in peace thinking that there are people to maintain Law and Order. Indian political leaders don't have any agenda except criticising the Government and trying to fool the people. Our Indian Army is brave and capable of acting tough under any situation.
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    Army job is fighting force. Army job is not maintenance of law and order. Army peoples are trained in fighting only, not maintenance force.
    Army also not using human shield for protection purpose. Army only trained to get out of the difficult conditions. This is why training is given to army peoples before commissioning and also after the commissioning. This is why so many defence colleges are there. Also foreign peoples come to study in these colleges. To learn tactical training and warfare.
    Army friends of mine saying otherwise. They not supporting the actions of the major. Every body saying this is not how army men functions. This is not their training.
    Yes, army should be given full powers to fight and kill. That is their training. Peace keeping mission is not army job. Also taking hostage is also not the army job. Army peoples are trained to fight and that is their job.

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    Whenever there is problem in border areas, the first approach should be to quell it by force. So the armed forces have to be given a free hand to devise strategy suitable for the terrain ,weather and population. Only after the explosive situation is brought under control should a political solution tried.
    Many times the other side dos not understand the language of sane wisdom and peaceful negotiation. Patience and leniency will be misinterpreted as weakness.
    When a protest or agitation turns violent or violence becomes the main ploy, it should be force stopped immediately with adequate force. It should be made very clear that violence in any form cannot be allowed by a state.
    However the political leaders and administrators should also be very sincere and open minded from very start to find a proper solution. The proper stand should be made clear from the very beginning. Those that are to be yielded should be yielded at the very first time itself. Those that cannot be yielded to o granted should not be granted or yielded to in spite of any pressure at all.

    Extremism and violent agitations are like the case of bed bugs. If the bed bugs are not eliminated at the very first sighting itself, they will grow to such an extent that their elimination will turn costly affair to us later and much damage would have been done by then.

    In a civilised democracy violence has no place. Every problem should be attended to and solved and grievances reduced by mutual understanding and talks and discussions. No place for violence should be allowed.

    Border sanity should be entrusted fully to the armed forces within a general overall political governmental framework and discipline leaving the nuts and bolts to the armed forces.

    (If armed forces are restrained and political interference happens much, then we will have examples like the IPKF in Sri Lanka or the Chinese war)

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    #600629: But why did Major Gogoi take such unorthodox step? This is simply because Army is not allowed to shoot the insurgents. You (the leaders) tie the hands of the Army and expect the soldiers would solve the problem of insurgency!
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    # 600632 - I am only telling to you what army peoples are saying. You also sayings it is unorthodox step only. Also is the stone pelter arrested . I do not think he is in jail. He is still free only. Why no action against him.
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    I agree that the Army or for that matter any of the uniformed forces are guided by certain rules and regulations. But why single out an incident and try to crucify an Officer who took a decision that he, being on ground facing the realty, felt, was the best option? I do feel that at least some of us (as common humans) do resort to such unorthodox means at times when we are either confused or is short of time to think and act!

    Coming to the particular case of Major Gogoi, I don't think we can blame him. We are almost unaware of the ground realities in the Valley and when he was left with a choice between saving lives and avoiding a clash, I, personally, would support the action taken by him. By deviating from the the laid down procedures, he took a decision that he thought was best for the moment. And we can't blame him and neither we can expect a rule or an order to the effect that a Commander cannot use a human shield in such circumstances because situations are never as expected in such strife torn areas and looking for a rule or an order in those moments is almost impracticable. Let us leave alone the call by the Army Chief ( I feel sorry for him) for using arms etc and go by the logic that what he has done was best suited for the situation. The aim has been achieved without any loss and that is very important.

    The only point with which I have a disagreement is with the haste with which the Officer was decorated. Where was the hurry? And I am sure that the announcement did sent across negative signals! That much for the maturity of the center in handling such situations!

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