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    If technology surpass human intelligence, will we be reduced to idiots?

    The way technology is progressing in every sphere of life, it is felt that it is making the human being irrelevant or just a mute spectator. With qualified Scientists, Researchers, Technocrats working hand in hand to introduce new products and services, it seems the future of human labor requirement would be minimized or even reduced to nil. Sometimes there is a feeling that apart from the experts who are enjoying the benefits, others who may or may not be qualified may not have to use their brains as much as they would be aided by technology and in the process may reduced to idiots? How far this probability may become true? Or would it ever become a reality? What is your opinion?
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    It is a preconceived notion existed before, now and then and continues to be for generations. We progressed to launch 101 satellites together at a time but still doubt the influence of Science and Technology on employment and other factors as if it would take away our benefits. Element of human labour is required everywhere even it is replaced by the inventions but their proportional usage may vary. Everyone has to play his role in any scientific research from a Scientist to a Technician and I am saying this because a Scientist represents for the expertise and knowledge while a Technician symbolises for the human labour qualified to carry out the intiating the process and the findings. Thus we can conclude - if a technician is not there, scientist can't carry out his mission; unless a scientist who takes the mission with a vision is not there, a technician can't carry out anything.

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    Although we have read in many science fiction stories (written by Asimov, Sagan and others) that technology can surpass human being, in actuality it is not possible. Technology can never surpass human intelligence. However, over-dependence on gadgets may cause harm to human faculties. For example, nowadays students are not very proficient in calculation because they excessively depend on calculators.
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    What I feel is both of them are interlinked. There is no technology if human brain is not there. If human brain can't be used there is no technology development. The technology is being developed by a human only. As mentioned by Mr. Jagdish, expertise comes from human brain and implementation comes from human labor. As such the more the technology developed the more the human brain and human energy are required for further development.

    A fully automatic washing machine is there. But somebody should be there to put the clothes in that. In any situation of problem a technician is required. As such the mutual dependence will always be there .

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    It is a quote that is purported to have been said by Albert Einstein and for that matter only the same has been widely discussed. If we go by the meaning of the term idiot that it refers to a person of low intelligence, I do think there is some crux in the saying, whether it was said by Einstein himself or by someone else.

    I say so because I feel that the development in technology has made things easier for us without having to put in as much effort or to use our brain as much as before the advent of technology. If Dr Abdul Kalam had to transport parts of the rocket by cycle during that time, the scientists today do not have to do that. Pardon me if I am wrong, but I think scientists today are equipped with better facilities and are aided by technology in every step of a mission they take up. So, naturally, they don't have to use their brains as much as Dr Vikram Sarabhai or Dr Kalam had to during their time.

    Simple it may sound, but the reference to use of gadgets by students for calculation and their inability (difficulty) to do it without the help of gadgets as said by Partha is, I feel, surely an indicator to the fact that technological advances may gradually reduce the working capacity of human brain. There may be different factors leading to the same, but technology will be, I think, the base for all such changes in future.

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    We'll lose jobs, and here are my reasons -

    1. Artificial intelligence and automation are in a fast-track mode
    2. The technologies might not have come to India as yet, but if we fail to introduce them we'll continue to be a third world country
    3. Look at how things have changed, and I am referring to things abroad, in the more technology advanced nations - Introduction of self-check scanners in stores, which brings down the requirement of humans at billing counters
    4. Amazon has announced a real retail store. What is different about their marketing strategy is that you won't have to scan the items – your items will be scanned and billed automatically. Imagine the unemployment it would create.
    5. Self-driving cars are being tested. You can work out the number of jobs that will be slashed when they hit the roads
    6. Look at yourselves. You will find artificial intelligence has already begun impacting you. How else can you explain Google ads popping up based on your browsing history?
    7. Can you tell the connection between your IT returns and algorithms – a system is in place to check your returns
    8. Cloud computing has begun to impact the IT sector

    Humans will soon become redundant. People are already interacting with machines.

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    Juana your response was candid and I appreciate. When such a uncertainty is in store for future, then why are we spending huge on education and probably end up zero in future ?
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    If you look at history you will notice that it has always been about the survival of the fittest. In this case, too only those who prepare themselves for the eventualities will survive. It is better to learn skills that will come in useful. The people in the IT sector now lack the skills, to cope with the changes that technology has introduced.

    If you have been following the news you would have noticed that many agencies are advocating that companies teach the staff new skills and technologies, instead of sending them home, especially in the IT field.

    We study because that is the only thing we know will bring us success. I think the government must look at changing teaching methodologies so different skills can be imparted to students, ensuring that they are employable.

    Look at the number of labour that was employed in the farming sector before the advent of high-tech machines. Now, machines can do, so much, faster and more efficiently.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Taking a closer look of the member's comments in this thread, we can say that some people worry about the future, while others are full of hope and enthusiasms. No matter what, we seem to be optimistic about the benefits of technology.

    In the domain of technology, robots are replacing humans in big factories and companies since they don't ask for paychecks or go on strike... Just my opinion.

    As mentioned by Juana Ma'am, yes, with the introduction of artificial robot drivers, it has eliminated the need of driver. In addition, if you had heard about AVATAR PROJECT 2050, I felt like an idiot. They have already produced clones of humans and decide how they look, behave and measure the intellegence.

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    With the advancement of technology and increase of facilities people tend to be lazy. For everything their is a machine. So it will definitely affect the lifestyle of people which in turn will have adverse affect on physical capabilities.

    On the other hand these machines will require human input in terms of maintenance and operational aspects and from that angle will always be many steps below those humans on the stairway of intelligence.

    As far as the laymen and dumb users are concerned their mental level may get some retardation as they will not be having something creative to do while sitting between the robots and machines.

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    Artificial Intelligence will come up in a big way in our lives. AI can do huge calculations very quickly, and yet they will not be good enough to think like human. One can say that the computer that beat chess grandmasters as a thinking machine; but in reality it is a calculating machine, calculating options for many, many more moves than the human can think an keep in mind.

    There are new robots produced now that go to war/disaster zones to do specific programmed work. Yet they do not think. There is talk about loading brain into a machine to capture the thinking ability but so far I don't think there is info. In any case that would be using the brain of a dead person and not a living thinking person.

    Today in some airports, they may be using robots to identify terrorist, and the robots are programmed to detect nervous behavior, fidgeting, not sitting still etc. These machines will compute/calculate points when scanning around the area in front of them, and when a certain pre-determined threshold is reached, it sends signal to security to flag such persons. But it cannot think, so human has to go verify if the suspect was really a suspect or just exhibiting suspicious signs because he needed to use the restroom and for some reason not able to, or whatever other reasons. In fact it is well documented that if you speak in some non-english language/use words like terror/attack/etc. in you conversation, some fearful human beings themselves will report you to security.

    The human race will be divided into 2 main classes: the ones who understand and use technology, and the ones who don't. One will be the higher class, and the other will be the server class since they do not know or learned to use technology. They won't be unemployed as such; they will be more into the manual labor or slave equivalents, cleaning, cooking, etc. So in a way they'll be termed illiterate and stupid.

    The soon-coming New World Order will be highly technological, and aspects of spiritual practices like forgiving someone, or going beyond the call of duty to lay your life for a friend will be construed (calculated) as wrong and land you in trouble. In such situations one can clearly see the hand of God in the divine help he provides, in spite of all he efforts to make God obsolete or out-of-reach. People who study the holy books get aware of such things, and prepare themselves and others. In these situations, 'religion' will not matter but love and understanding and kindness will turn out to be more powerful than all the technology put together. You can practice now to enjoy your future.

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