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    Phones are becoming smart and we are becoming lazy !

    Ever since our dependence on cell phones has increased, we have virtually forgone our personal ambitions, waking up late every morning, spending sleepless nights late in the night staring to the cell phone, texting , chatting even while walking has made us mad. When we are spending more time with phone and lesser time with people we naturally get fatigue and laziness is taking the center stage. So can we claim that cell phones are becoming smarter by the day and we going lazy by the day. Members can infer on this subject with their own experience.
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    I am inclined to agree with the author. From schools to malls there are ringing smartphone everywhere. Ever since the launch of Andriod and iOS, these OS has set a remarkable benchmark in today's technology.

    Nevertheless, it should be made our boredom. We can't just stick to it. I use to surf the web, trade, and earn money online through only mobile. I have this Marshmallow 6.1 which boosts my to-do task ease.

    I can't debate on this topic since I am already screwed up. Lol...

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    For any development there will be always some limitations. It is the person who has to decide how much we can go with it. Cell phone has many advantages. It is doing lot of work for you. The whole world is in your hand. You can use it as you like. But nobody is going to ask you why you are overusing or not using? It is our decision. Individual has to see that he will never get screwed up with that only. He should use to increase his knowledge and work turn out is to be increased. But they should stand on the ground. Basics should not be forgotten.
    As far as I am concerned I use phone for limited works only. Many unproductive works like going to banks for transactions and going to offices for paying bills are not there. The time what we are saving there should be utilised for a good cause and maintain human relations.
    This is where human brain comes into picture. Use the brains and make a better use of time.

    always confident

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    Those who are using cell phones for passing time are doing so on the risk of becomming obsessed with this idiot friend.

    Those who have divided their time between various activities and are also giving the phone the time it deserves are using it as an intelligent friend.

    If we are obsessed with it we will definitely become lazy. It is a toy for some people but it is also a great utility item. How to use it is the choice of individual.

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    I strongly agrees with the author.Even I was a person who stings on to my cell phone whenever I get a free time.Since all around me does the same, me too was forced to do so.From my experience, one of the impact of cell phone on me was the loss of memory power.Before I was capable of remembering at least 4 to 5 phone numbers.But things had changed.Now everything is available in our finger tip.But its a fact that now cell phones had become an inavitable part of everyones life.

    Like a coin has its two sides, everything in this universe has both possitives and negatives.But its strange to beleive that the current generation is more affected by the negative part of the advancing technologies.

    Lets never give a chance for cell phones to be smarter than our brains.

    Suffering is the essence of success!

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