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    Day by day cricket game is being bore.. is it your feeling also?

    Day by day cricket game is being bore.. is it your feeling also? Some times ago I become excited when there is any match with India but nowadays it does not matter whether its match or not.

    I think this is happening due to lot of tournaments like IPL and other T-20. Whats are your views friends.
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    Well... Personally, in my opinion, Cricket is the mostly watched match by most of us. I felt a lot of pressure occasionally when watching the IPL.

    Its exciting and intriguing to watch live shows in the stadium. We used to watch on mobile and televisions only. I felt like it would be so nice and entertaining if I could only get a chance to watch live match.

    By the way, I don't felt bored.

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    It is true that much hype is not there in the public like earlier days. I know people applying leave for watching a cricket match. But that trend is not there. There is some change.

    But it is not completely vanished. Still many people are there who go to watch matches in stadium. Earlier only way watching match is TV. So we should sit near a TV and see that. But that necessity is not there. Everybody can see the score on their mobile and watch match on their mobile. So there is no gathering near TVs and all that. This may be the reason to have a feeling like that. But even today also Indians are very fascinated to see a cricket match. The rich people can travel countries to watch these matches in the stadiums.

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    Perhaps the Pakistan vs India match during this ongoing Champions Trophy may be the only interesting game of the recent times when we talk about the game of cricket. As you rightly said the IPL and T-20 matches with business orientation and lot of controversies involved might have contributed for the fading interest among the masses.

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    We the human beings are averse to a situation where when too much if offered in series we wont like or reject it. Even when you are having dinner, if so many items are served one after other, you may like few and others you may simply reject. Likewise when too much cricket has been exposed through different games. we may feel less interested and boring. Moreover the performance of the players matters. If the players are not doing good and giving stale performance we loose interest. By the way if we have some important work to attend , we may shun the cricket for that day.
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    Long back cricket was played only as a 5 days game and people enjoyed it leisurely. Today one can not imagine how people digested that long a time watching a slow game intermittent with many brakes for water, tea, umpires and players moving on the grass slowly and stylishly and people glued to their transistors.

    After the inception of 1 day cricket the scenario changed drastically and people started to enjoy it still with more vigour and interest. Now the stakes also went high. Lot of money came in through sponsorors and the profession became only next to cine super stars.

    So there was no place for boredom there. For a gullible cricket fan nothing changed. The teams were having their ups and downs and always exercising execuses theirselves with the usual phrase - cricket by chance.

    So we do not see any boredom their until unless we have something more creative to watch or to do.

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