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    Utter with care - 'Words' may be more sharper than a 'Sword'!

    Your words reflect your state of mind. Both the words - 'words' and 'sword' have the same alphabets and the positioning of alphabet 's' makes the difference. Ironically both have the same affect, if not used properly. How proficient you may be in your language, the proper usage of the words reflects the person in you. Be clear before you utter. Perhaps, your 'words' may be more sharper than the 'sword' and may have a long time affect on you. Isn't it?
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    I think the sword is more lethal, it is always sharper than words.

    My experience is that proficiency of language is hardly a problem of the one using the words – it is more a problem of those with limited knowledge since they are incapable of grasping the essence of what is being said and also those who think they can do no wrong.

    Words connect us with people. We emote through words. What seems harsh may actually be an eye-opener, for those who have the inner eye to read, reflect and comprehend. We have to look at things with an open mind. When the focus is one-tracked then even the right words appear wrong.

    Words are an expression. They are also a message to the one they are aimed at. Most times corrective advice is ignored and looked upon as something really evil.

    In life, everyone wants to prove they are correct, and they continue putting forth their submissions. When a dialogue ensues it is a good thing, because a dialogue is essential. I see the closing of discussions, leaving no room for the other person to respond, as a wrong choice (it is the sword). We can choose to walk away and not participate in a discussion, but to have your say and shut the discussion also reflects a state of mind. The action becomes worse than the words – because we leave no room for the other person to react. We hit out by our actions (sword) and kill our opponent. The sword (the action) becomes sharper than the words.

    I think our actions (sword) are eviler. In using words we bare our soul and show ourselves, but actions are sly. They attack to kill when least expected. They are the sword. This is my perspective.

    It is also said that actions speak louder than words.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    In Tamil there is a proverb : Theinaal sutta punn arumay, araadhu naavinal sutta wadu, the meaning of this proverb is that if one inflicts injuries through any thing, it may vanish but not those words which penetrates into our hearts and remain for ever. So we have to restrain ourselves while talking and see that no offending words are said and later it cannot be taken back. Therefore the author notion is correct. Words and swords are sharp and that must be handled with very care other wise they may turn to ourselves badly which we may not able sustain. Say good thing and expect good behavior from others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good point. It is true. Sword can cause physical injuries and you can go to a doctor and get it cured. But bad words will cause lot of hardship to your heart. It can't be cured. People say if your leg is slipped you can take it back. But if you slip a word it can't be taken back. To pacify them you have to use another word Sorry. But it will not cure the heart. I agree 100% that usage of words should be very accurate. Don't slip even a bad word about anyone. If they use the same word on us what will be the effect on us. Think in that angel. There is no nerve for your tongue. It can twist in any way. Be careful.
    Another point I want to add is words may hurt you but will not kill you. But Sword can kill you also. So don't under estimate sword also. Don't use sword at all against anybody. If you are forced to use it, becareful.

    So be careful with SWORD and also with WORDS

    always confident

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    In a cultured and sophisticated society even a single innuendo can hurt a person to his heart never to forgive the deliverer.

    In common society people ignore such moves believing that forgiveness is divine. Many times the people cross their limits and use words which are harsh and insulting. Such times the affected person may feel humiliated and is not going to forget it easily.

    One should avoid this type of offences by words. Words have immense hidden power in both sides - positive or negative. They can please a person as well they can humiliate him. Using words with caution is the prerequisite for a good speaker.

    The cut with a sharp knife may heal soon but affect of sharp and offensive words will remain lifelong.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not understand this rationale behind the sword being better than words that everyone seems to be purporting. A sword is drawn to kill, not to cause a mere scar. You will be lucky if you survive a sword attack, however, do not overlook the chances of the attack leaving you crippled or a vegetable, for life.

    The wound heals, but ask anyone who has had a serious injury, of the implications, even after the physical healing seems to have happened.

    The wound heals, but the scar remains, a stark reminder of what ensued. Do you all think the memories stop haunting after the wound has healed? Do the memories just die with the healing of the wound? If we are capable of carrying the pain of words, for a lifetime, I am certain that none of us can forget the sequence of events before, during and after a physical attack on our life.

    This is philosophical waffle which sounds nice – but in actuality, none of us would want to be attacked with a sword – given a choice we would opt for words.

    I think it is better to be strong and learn to get over things than to carry all the emotional baggage. If you carry the hurt it shows that you have allowed the other person to disrupt your life. It is a sign of weakness. Learn go and move on!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    In my view, two words are equally dangerous - innocence and ignorance. While a person with limited knowledge uses his words with 'innocence' as he doesn't know the consequences. But the person who is proficient uses the words with 'ignorance' knowing very well of the consequences and the arrogance makes the person to behave like this. Thus both the persons having limited knowledge and knowledge with par excellence are one and the same if one acts with innocence and the other one with ignorance.

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    I agree with the author's view that " the words may be sharper than a sword" even words can be used as most lethal weapon.
    There are various examples in the history where few verbal altercations and provocations lead to battles between kingdoms and countries.
    Few small misunderstandings because of inappropriate words lead to huge catstrophe.
    So one should always remain vice while choosing the words to utter.
    Because the wounds given by sword can be healed with time and medicines but wounds given by words penetrates through heart and soul of a human and keeps digging on and puts the seed of hatered.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I do not think that 'ignorance' comes into play when a proficient person uses words, especially when you say they know the consequences. Would that not be deliberate?

    Also, while it is fine to advise and lecture others on how to use words, I still think anyone who wants others to do as they say wants to wield control. It is better to be in control of oneself – as in steel oneself to handle criticism, if I may put it that way or train oneself to not to be overly sensitive. I think it is easier to train oneself, rather than affect a change in others.

    There is another aspect here - there is always your side and my side and the right side, to every story. Proficiency, arrogance or innocence might not be the real players – the actual problem might lie within us. We view things from our perspective and judge. No one introspects to see where they went wrong. We all carry this halo around us; we do not think that our words and actions could be the cause behind someone's outburst.

    Words, yes, we must all learn to use them, with care – provided we understand what that means. We need to tame our words before we tell others to tame theirs. It is easy to point a finger at someone's proficiency and term it as arrogance. The irony is that there is no hesitation in calling a proficient person arrogant, in a thread that calls for use of words with care. A little farcical, don't you think.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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