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    Do you remember the thrill of your first earning?

    Most of us depend on our parents for our education and initial efforts to get job. After getting a job we get our first salary. That is our first earning.
    Some students start part time job quite early in their life and start earning.
    Whenever in your life you started earning, do you remember the thrill or excitement of your first pay packet or income?
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    Yes for every one the first earning is the great earning and we know how importance it is because, that money comes to us for whole one month hard work at the office and when the first pay is receieved, there is no limit for the joy and celebrations. When I earned my first pay in Delhi, my parents were not there to share. But I immediately sent them the money through money order. In those days bank transfers were not there and heavily depend on money orders and the commission were also less. The joy of my parents could be understood their letters which I kept even today.
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    Yes. I still remember. It is 31st January 1979. My first fellowship amount is credited into my bank account. A real happy moment. Ours is a middle class family and we don't even have a fan or radio in the house. I was staying in Visakhapatnam for my Ph.D. Those days fellowship amount is Rs. 400/-. I purchased a ceiling fan for my native place and all they way taken from Visakhapatnam to my place and got it fixed. The joy and happiness of my family members can't be forgotten for ever. The next month I purchased a Murphy transistor and presented that to my parents. This is a very good occasion in my life to remember for my life time. From that month onwards till today I have been earning and supporting my parents to the maximum extent possible. I always feel happy for that. 38 years of service so far. Now I am a happy man. Even today I share my income with my parents.
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