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    Do you strive for your goals or try for others expectations ?

    We think that our life if subjected to ourselves and no one is concerned about us. But there are people who are more concerned about you and your progress. In relations, friends, and even in immediate society where we live, the people are watching our attempts and progress with great interest and we are also responsible to keep their expectations on us. When we are living among the performers and achievers, such expectations are further more increased and wanted. What is your view on this . ? Are you interested to see your progress or care for others views on you ?
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    I always strive for achieving my set goals. In that pursuit I always see that others will not get affected. I care for others to an extent my progress should not cost anything bad to others.
    For their sake I never progress. It is my life and I have to live it. My family members, relatives , friends and society should not have a feeling of loosing because of me.
    I always see that I am not wasting water unnecessarily. If I can help others I will help. I never knowingly harm anyone. But I never give up my goal and my progress. Without caring for society at their cost we should not progress. This is basic principle one has to keep in mind. We always plan in a way that we progress and others also should progress. Don't do bad to anybody.
    But nowadays many politicians are thinking of their progress at the cost of the society,people and country.
    Organisations also should think of society when they are progressing. That is why the government is insisting all corporates for improving the society under Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) schemes.

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    When a person is in his childhood he is influenced by his parents and when he grows up his thinking is affected by not only the parents but also the society around him.
    As the individual grows further he starts taking his own decisions and becomes more and more bolder in this respect.
    All individuals are not alike. Some take the advice or seek help from their elders or from renowned people in their society to make it sure that no mistake occurs in their steps. These type of individuals do not have confidence on themselves. They can not set their goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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