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    Lend the ear. But make your decision.

    When we have some problems to solve, it is our nature to ask experienced people or elders. If you ask many people each one of them will give their own opinion or solution. Finally you are confused.
    So whatever may be the problem it is always better to hear what others say, but final decision is yours only. Each of their suggestions will be based on their thought process. They may not have the full understanding of the problem. So what older people say is whether you ask or don't ask many people will tell you many ideas. Hear all those ideas. Use your brain and analyse those ideas with respect to your context. Implement the solution which you feel is the best. It may be your idea or somebody else's Idea. Do you agree?
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    Yes it is good attitude to listen to what others say. Normally we feel averse to take suggestions and guidance from others during trying times. By virtue of their past experience , people would come forward to give apt suggestions which must be heard. Then it is left to us whether to follow the suggestion or tow our own idea. Moreover we too have our own plan and ideas on which we would like to take calculated risk and proceed. Such risks are some times tricky too and it is better to have second opinion from others. Nevertheless standing on our own principle and surging ahead is always good.
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    Yes I do agree with the author.I had came across many situations in life where I could make better decision through expert advice.Those can be from your parents,elders,your professors or any one whom you trust the most.

    Its up to each ones choice whether to follow the suggestions or to reject.Decision making can be done in any of the following ways:
    1.Fix a goal,make your own decisions.
    2.Inquiring with as many people as you can.
    3.Selecting the best alternatives from the suggestions.
    4.Dare to take the risk

    But I do suggest that rather than falling in troubles just analyze the decision with few experts.There is nothing to loose in it.We will be only beneficial in doing so.Final decision can be made by you, but do lend your ears to a few.

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    We take decisions base on the input we receive and doing our own synthesis and analysis of the inputs and then coming to a decision based on our knowledge, experience and sometimes even intuition.

    Ear is one of the input sense organs. So for taking a decision we may need input through our ear also. That is we have to hear others talking on the matter to us or in general.
    As we are responsible for our decisions, it is for us to take or leave the inputs we hear or told. There is no universal formula on this because sometimes others opinion and suggestions add value and help us take right and most apt decisions also.

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    If you have time before taking a decision it is advisable to ask your friends, relatives, office people or some experienced people in the matter for their advice. It is immensely helpful sometimes because you may be missing some crucial point which may affect your decision positively.

    In Hindi there is a phrase ' suno sabki karo apni' ( hear everyone do what you feel correct). So taking a decision in life is a very important piece of action and before that one has to consider all pros and cons and it is at that time the suggestions and advices of friends may come handy.

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