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    Does the engineering syllabus indulges practical skills in students?

    After completing plus two every students are in a dilemma to choose their higher studies.Its a scenario in the modern world that students who complete plus two in science group run behind professional courses.Being an engineering student let me share my point of view.Engineering syllabus is so hectic that there is a lot of theory based subjects.And I rarely found a link between these theory and its practical side.

    If an engineering student wants to develop his/her practical skills, he must do some external internship program.And during my UG studies, I always found it difficult to get a firm which supports all these internship programs.Am sure that this is the condition for almost 90% of engineering students.Once they graduate they find it difficult to get better jobs only because of this reason.Am never against the engineering syllabus, but I just need to inform all those who are ready to seek their higher studies in engineering field that if you need to have a good career, never do focus only on your syllabus.Look around, find better companies, visit as much sites you can.Do relate your studies with whats happening in the fast developing world of technology.

    Let me also add up that if you relate your studies to develop your practical skills, I do believe that engineering will be a fruitful mild stone in your career.What do you think?Please share your experiences..
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    It is a very known fact. Nowadays students who are coming out from colleges don't have any practical experience. Except IITs, no other colleges are giving any importance to practical knowledge. The fundamentals and basics are missing. That is why many Organisations are not able to get a good Engineer. All are interested in virtual experience but not on field experience. Actually all the universities should design the syllabus in such a way that they will have knowledge useful to Industries. So always an interaction of industry & university is required. The curriculum should be designed basing on the need of the country. As mentioned by the author internship is very important. Better visit the industry,see what is happening there and what skills are required for you to work there. Concentrate more on that.

    Many Engineers want a Job in IT industry only. Nobody is interested in on field jobs. It is very sad. Students should develop skills required for industry . Then only the Prime Ministers Make In India program will be successful.

    A very good advise by the author. Whatever he has advised is very good for the upcoming engineers.

    always confident

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    Who says there is no practicals in Engineering. My boy is doing Chemical Engineering but his first year were dedicated to learn all the subjects of different other streams like CSC, ECE, Metallurgical and Mechanical. Even practicals were held on those subjects. A Engineer is supposed to be all rounder , like the player in cricket game. I think some colleges are not having the facility of imparting practical knowledge and subjecting the students to only bookish knowledge and that is probably referred by the author. That is why Engineering must be done from reputed college of all sorts.
    K Mohan
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    I do agree with Mohan sir.During the first semester we are supposed to do all the practicals.But I am mentioning about the colleges where those practicals are only for exam point of view.And let me also add up sir, there are reputed colleges like IIT were students are motivated for practical skills.But that is not the same everywhere.
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    In reputed colleges the practicals for all streams included from First year second semester itself and students are bound to attend practical classes and the exams are held accordingly.
    K Mohan
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    Hi all,

    This thread indeed puts things into perspective. The education system in our nation has not changed since ages. This is true for all the branches of studies. We have never been a big fan of practical education. I believe I have once discussed about this topic. The truth is practical education is the need of the century. In a fast paced world, text books are increasingly becoming redundant.

    It has reached such a stage where the students are no longer able to connect what is in the textbooks and what is really happening in the world. This kind of education will only do bad more than good. The thing that I am looking forward now is to determine weather the new university (operational only in Kerala) KTU is going to do any good. It has got a lot of promises of becoming a practical oriented syllabus, we will have to wait to see the effectiveness of the same.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    60% Engineering graduates are unemployed. - All India Council of Technical Education
    Four fifth of graduate Engineers are unemployable – HDFC Chief Deepak Parekh
    Quality of Engineers very substandard – Metro Man Mr E Sreedharan
    Only 40 % Graduate Engineers get placement – Pakash Javadekar HRD Minister

    The above commends are highly disturbing. What happened to our Technical Education? I heard that Sweet shop owners are also establishing Engineering Colleges in India. Is that true?
    Prime Minister has set a target of Rs 5 Trillion for infrastructure projects. Who handle all these projects?
    I think, we have to call foreign nationals to execute all those jobs!

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    Theory learning has to precede practical learning. The syllabus and academic time table is well shaped in that way only. Students are allowed practical learning after a certain amount of theoretical learning is over. The industrial visits, projects and assignments are all intended to fulfil this need. However in realty the industry visits become just excursion and picnic, assignments and projects get outsourced or copied. The periodical examinations are not taken serious ly and arrears are allowed. Internal assessments become just marks or grades donation ploys.

    So in the end of the course period even those who pass, come out without any strong base in theory or practicals. The industry find today's graduates as unemployable.
    The industry can give practical lessons on the job if the candidates have god theory base. In the absence of theoretical base the companies find it costly financially and costly in time and wastage to train the students again in theory and practicals.
    It is not difficult to reverse this trend. Parents, teachers and students should take professional studies like engineering more serious and important and comply with the schedules and targets and achievement in the proper time frame. Compliance is what is needed. Then industry can step in even during course and giving practical training, make them employable ready when the course is completed.

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    What you say is true. But organizations purposely make these syllabuses so theory-friendly. Reason- so that even the most dumbest student can pass. But the theory subjects never seem to end, they pursue you until the last year.
    But as soon as you reach your second year, you get to go to a lot of labs and even get an internship at the end of third year. The industrial experience increases as you progress.
    By the way, all those practicals you did, they aren't even considered as basics when you compare the experiments with an actual industrial process.
    So, no need to sweat over the practicals. Everything you need to know will be taught to you. And everything you needn't know, will also be taught to you.

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