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    Can humanity progress without asking questions?

    Till the 15th century, European students used to learn that world was flat. They used to study that the sun moved round the earth. However, the inquisitive students used to ask questions. They asked questions, sought proof of the established theory. They did their own research, found empirical and circumstantial evidences to prove that the earth is round and the earth moves round the sun.

    Similarly Newton proved theory of gravitation by asking questions. Darwin questioned the then established theory of evolution and gave a revolutionary new theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest. They dared to question and helped humanity to progress.

    Since yesterday, I have painfully found that some of us in ISC do not like to ask further questions on what we have studied. If anybody asks questions, the questions are termed as 'silly questions'. Nobody wants to answer those 'silly questions'; nobody wants explore new facts. Most of us have become intolerant, impatient.

    Is it good? Can we progress by closing the windows of our mind? More importantly, does difference of opinion mean disrespect?
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    Questioning for the sake of questioning and negation for the sake of negation is worthless and disturbing and even damaging and counter productive.
    The questions should be genuine with the intention of getting more knowledge and wisdom. That is called the "Jijnaasa". or " Aatma Jijnaasa" as mentioned in the Vedas. It is the genuine curiosity for the knowledge and development.

    That knowledge may be available anywhere, near t us r far away also. Bu we should welcome those. That is the Vedic verse' Aano bhdraah kratvo yantu vishwatah". Let noble thoughts come from every side.

    Our traditional knowledge books are all in the method of 'Guru-shishya samvaad'-Question-answer method by Teacher and disciple.

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    What I feel that those who are developing and want to explore more in life would certainly ask questions. Many feel that by asking questions they are branded as illiterate and also has the ego problem to pose a question. In a class room too only the budding student would seek answers to the question and others would just benefit on the explanation given by the teacher. That means many wants to enjoy the benefit at the cost of others. Like wise in ISC too not all the members joined here are active or asking questions or clarifying their inner doubts. Just imagine if all the over nine lakh members joined here interact and actively participate, what will be the position of this great site. Unfortunately many members were left the site on small issues and even today many members are sulking and not coming out in open to demand their wants.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The development and glory will come out of questioning only. This questioning will be out of your inquisitiveness . Questions can be asked to himself or to others. If we ask questions ourselves, we study the literature, do research and try to get an answer for that. If we pose questions to others, if they have any interest in that subject they will answer or keep silent. But without asking questions no progress can be achieved. Questioning is always good for self development.

    But as mentioned by Mr. Venkiteswaran, questioning should be genuine and answers for which are not known to you and you are really want to know the answer. But to test the ability of others you ask questions, then it may not give any development. It is not an examination to answer the questions to pass. This is exactly what was told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in Baghavad Gita. He says then only one can get knowledge. Otherwise it is futile.
    Asking questions will be sometimes a waste as the others may not be that much talented to answer your doubts. So one should be very selective to question the others. Only A man who is having sufficient knowledge and interest will only respond.

    always confident

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    After reading the thread, I remember a song from the Tamil film Aayirathil Oruvan (One among the thousand) where Mr MGR sings - Aen enra kelvi ...ingu ketkaamal vaazhkai illai
    ( There is no life if we don't ask the question Why). So it is very essential to ask question for the progress and development, and also for improvement. One should never hesitate to ask questions when in doubt or for clarification of anything and everything that comes in our mind. It could be silly or serious, but needs to be answered to get satisfied.

    No life without Sun

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    What you imply is true. World doesn't want to answer those questions whose answer it is unsure of. So this brings up the uneasiness. Mankind cannot progress without getting it's questions answered though.
    But you always have "Ask experts" section to get your questions answered right. Forum is only for discussions and you cannot expect an accurate or a satisfying answer from forums.
    I appreciate your zeal though and thanks for raising an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

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    I think it was in the 17th century when Galileo made those discoveries.

    The examples cited by you are scientific theories. With time and deeper research, the previous theories were proven incorrect. The elements were present when the theories were revisited, and they continue to exist. The progress of humanity would have continued, in a different direction, perhaps, but progress would have been definite. Man did invent the wheel, didn't he, without knowledge of the earth's cycles and gravity.

    However, problems occur when people set out to reinvent the wheel.

    Problems occur when people disparage others to highlight their own greatness. I want to see how great a person is, not to be told how another was not great. I don't want memories of someone erased from my mind instead I want better memories to be written. I want to be able to decide which memories I want to keep. So, if someone tries to find only errors and highlight them to me, it is not a sign of greatness. It is not even questioning.

    In today's day and age, the progress of humanity should be based on the formation of new paths, not the razing of old ones. Humanity stagnates when all it wants to do is to wipe out the past. When all energies are focused on clearing the past, how is that progress?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Asking questions is the only way to get ones curiosity answered. If we do not question it means we are like dead wood.

    The ancient man - the cave man asked questions from sky, from sun and from earth regarding everything which he thought as surprise. These entities did not respond him verbally. He had to struggle himself to get answers but he never stopped asking. Today what we are - the civilized humans - as we call ourselves, only due to the inquisitiveness of our ancestors.

    How can we stop asking questions. If we stop it will be end for the development. Let people grumble or misinterpret it for disrespect. We will be going on asking questions and if people ignore them we will find the answers also ourselves. That is the spirit of human race and it will be like that for times to come.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is surely an off-shoot of another thread where the discussion was focused on Mahatma which is till in live. One can enhance his knowledge by raising questions and no two opinions about it. But the problem arises only when one is intentionally raising deliberate questions to underplay the good attributes of a certain situation or an individual. For example, the demonetization in India was welcomed by one and all in spite of the trouble faced by everyone for few months. So also, the performance of the Modi Government for the last three years which is considered as one of the best Governance that India has ever had in the recent times. At this point of time, if someone tries to revoke the Godra incident and raises certain questions, can't they be silly at this moment?

    Agreed, humanity progresses only when we raise doubts which should be get clarified and when our simple questions are answered. But time and place make the difference and a sense.


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    #600877: Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was the first European scientist who propagated the theory that the Earth moves round the Sun (during 1515-19; early part of the sixteenth century). Galileo seconded him.

    Whatever is true for science is allso true for social science. New theories develop only after deconstructing old theories.

    It is true for history also. Let me give an example. Earlier Indian students used to study that Indian civilization started during the Vedic period. But the arcaheological discovery by Rakhaldas Mukherjee and Dayram Sahni proved that Indus Valley civilization preceded Vedic Civilization. The fact was discovered only by 1919.

    So, I feel that we must always question the so-called established theories in all spheres of life.

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    You spoke of progress. So, let's keep the debate relevant to the topic.

    As pointed by Jagdish, this is an offshoot of another thread. Discovering our historical past in no way clears the path for our progress. It just establishes our history.

    We are clearly not on the same platform. Your understanding of questioning is, tearing down of reputations. My line of thinking is different. To prove something wrong, I would expect someone to establish what is right. If you can prove yourself correct by only demolishing theories that exist, then there is shallowness in the thinking.

    There will always be naysayers.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    "Your understanding of questioning is, tearing down of reputations"-My understanding of questioning is tearing down the myth created around a person by his useless and opportunistic followers. The followers create such myth to fulfill their own selfish goals, not for the sake of reputation of the greats.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Well, good luck with that.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    In the last few weeks we were given some very pertinent information regarding the ISIS terrorist in the Middle East.

    From the documents of emails released by Wikileaks, we understand that the US leaders were fully in the know about the funding to the ISIS by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Soon after that the USA makes a deal to sell 110 billion dollar worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. At about the same time Qatar got isolated for "supporting terrorists" by Saudis and other states in that region. A few days later USA denounces Qatar as a terror sponsor. 2 days later, USA makes a deal for 12 billion dollar sale of arms to Qatar.

    So here we see the self-appointed policeman of the world doing such things. And on top of it all they continue to "fight" terrorists around the world.

    The world apparently believed this terror-fighter-cum-handler from the early 90's also and attacked Iraq. And the story continued on till Syria when the story tellers ran into another powerful country which questioned its legitimacy.

    We should also check if there are outside entities stoking trouble in Kashmir, pitting India against Pakistan, and profiting from the conflict. When we question and find out, we can make progress instead of being stuck in the cycle of violence.

    Most people didn't question the so-called fight against terror for a long time even though the affected nations and a bunch of 'conspiracy theorists' knew otherwise. But it has taken decades for this fakery to be exposed to the world.

    Same thing applies for the misinformation that got started from the 1950's about the shape of the earth.
    And evolution.
    And gravity/relative density.
    And the sudden jump in divorces, abortions.
    And the Nuremberg trials to establish officially the holocaust as 'truth'.
    And the placement of globes into classrooms all over.
    And the instruction to "link the word dinosaur with 'millions of years ago' phrase" so as to implant the lie into the teachers' instructions (in USA).
    And the creation of NASA, and Antarctica treaty, and World Bank and etc.

    When you question the accepted knowledge, you find that it leaks like a sieve, and then what are you supposed to do? Believe the information pushed on to us as it is, or question and see the where the truth is. The truth is always sitting in front of us in the scriptures, in the Bible, in the Vedas but it is often buried under the opiate of religious activities.

    We all believed about gravity because that's what we've been told. But today we can see a big question mark on that. Is it gravity or density? The Ragu and Kedu definitions are more believable than the NASA promoted eclipse reasoning. Is the earth flat? We talked about it in another discussion. Just go outside and look with your own eyes; they do not lie, even when some people and entities knowingly or unknowingly tell you should stay blind.

    Yes, it is true we need to grow by questioning everything, even the scriptures. If they are true they will stand the test. Fakery will fail. We have enough access to information nowadays and we have the brains to check up and verify for ourselves.

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