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    New Member Introduction

    Hello everyone!

    I am Shobha and I joined this amazing website just today. I am a former journalist who's now working as a freelance content writer. I am very passionate about women and gender issues and I also love writing about parenting, child development, cinema and a lot of other things. Of course, my work also includes a lot of research. I hope to learn a lot from all the other members here.
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    Shobha Grover, warm welcome to this site as a new member and great to know that you are a former journalist. This is the right platform where in you can give suggestions and call attention on various issues concerning the women by writing wonderful articles and submitting the same in the articles section. Your introduction itself is bubbling with so much enthusiasm and surely you are going to hog the limelight here. But before going further please understand this site by reading the posting guidelines, help topics and other rules. Hope to see some good contributions from you soon!
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    Welcome Ms. Grover. I expect that the Members of ISC would be benefitted from your knowledge and experience. Kindly go through the help topics and explore the sections and sub-sections of ISC.
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    I extend a warm welcome to you Ms. Grover. It is nice to have people like you on this site. You can teach and you can learn. You can make money with your talent. Anyhow, even though you are very experienced, do go through the help topics as you are new to this site. You will get fairly a very good idea about various sections of this site by going through some of the earlier posts. All the best to you! I hope you will have a very good time with this site!
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    Welcome to Indiastudy channel my friend. Your career sounds very fascinating and will be looking forward to witness your splendor.
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    Hai Shobha,
    Welcome to ISC family.I am also one among the new member of this family.With my few days of experience let me say you that this site will surely add up to your career.Being a writer you will be more beneficial from this site by gathering the opinion from other members.So glad to know that you are passionate about women and gender issues, since its a serious problem that hits the daily newspaper headings.

    I hope that every members of this site will be beneficial from your contribution.

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    Hello! Shobha,
    Welcome to ISC family. Kindly go through the help topics and explore the sections and sub-sections of ISC and contribute.

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    Wow! Thanks a lot, everyone, for such warm welcome and kind words. Really happy to be a part of ISC family. Yes, I am going through all the sections and sub-sections and trying to familiarize myself with the website.

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    Hi Shoba Grover, welcome to Isc where you can learn while earning. As you said you are very much interested in writing, you can start your contributions in article section, where you can write articles on topic of your interest. Hope you contribute more and earn more.

    But for this you need a little knowledgw of html tags also. So got through help topics and learn how to use html tags and then start writing articles. Ho


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    #600938: Thanks a lot, Naveen, for your valuable input. Yes, I went through the help topics and also read about HTML tags. Also, various topics discussed in these forums are really very interesting.

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