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    'Metro-man' E. Sreedharan in the Presidential race: What is your reaction?

    Day before yesterday I heard a rumour that well-known engineer E. Sreedharan is in the Presidential race. Later this was confirmed from a news-item published yesterday in the Times of India. I first heard about Mr. Sreedharan when he successfully completed Konkan Railway Project. Later he was extremely successful in completing Delhi Metro Rail before schedule. Most probably he is now associated with Kochi Metro Rail project.

    Mr. Sreedharan is a very successful technocrat. He is known even outside India. He received many recognitions including the Padma award. But I have a doubt whether Mr. Sreedharan will be fit for the job of President in India, which is, under normal circumstances a titular job, but at the same time requires many protocol and ceremonial duties. In extra-ordinary circumstances, the President must display his/her knowlege of the Constitution of India.

    Although I have immense respect for him, I have some doubt about the suitability of Mr. Sreedharan for the post of President. I would like to know the views of other Members in this regard.
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    Mr. Sreedharan is a technocrat, presently in business. He is looking after the metro projects of Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. As per your post he is looking after Kochi metro also. As such how he will be considered for Presidential post. So far in the history no businessman has becOme president. He will be respected for his technical knowledge and execution skills. He is more suitable as an adviser to government. But not for the post of first Citizen of India. I don't think no political leader will do that.
    So my opinion in this matter is the chances of Mr. Sreedharan for getting nominated for President of India post are very very neglisable. He is not a candidate for this. Even someone proposes also he may not agree.

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    I wont give credence to the candidature of the Metro Man and Engineer Sreedharan running for Presidential race. He is the professional and has many projects in hand and many in the pipe line. Even Hyderabad Metro project is being monitored by him. Presidential post is not given all those liked by the public. A person can become President provided he has the wide acceptance of ruling party and also a nod from the opposition. So I do not think Sreedharan has the backing of either BJP or the opposition. Why should we speculate so many names when the actual candidate would be known by today evening.
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    If Sushma Swaraj can be considered for the post why not E Sreedharan? He has established himself as a great organizer and has proved himself to be above all political lines. He is a man of vision and so (I say) will not be considered by the NDA alliance. So, no worries! Let us not pull in this Constitutional position into dirty politics, please!
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    Again inaccurate remark! Accoring to the rumour, his name is being floated by the NDA! PMO has very recently put him in the VIP's list. NDA is more or less supporting his candidature.

    I personally have some reservation (not objection) about his candidature. Please read the second para of the thread. Can Mr. Sreedharan, an extremely successful technocrat can pperform constitutional as well as ceremonial duties? How can he be compared to Ms. Sushma Swaraj, a seasoned politician?

    The country requires Mr. Sreedharan's service for developing infrastructure. He may not be fit for the post of President.

    (Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, not the opinion of any particular political party.)

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    Hai all,
    Being a Keralite I feel proud that from today (June 17) my state is also one among the metro city."And Kochi Metro will be the fastest first section of any metro commissioned so far and also the longest; announced Mr. sreedharan".The contribution of Mr. Sreedharan in Kochi Metro project is remarkable.

    As mentioned in the above comments, Mr.Sreedharan is a well established technocrat.He proved his talent in several projects like Konkan railway,Delhi metro(he was its manager between 1996 and 2012) and so on.TIME magazine has named him as "one of Asia's heroes".He is also a Padma Shri award winner.

    But I personally believe that he should be there in the technological world to change the face of the public transport.Our country needs his contributions to achieve the goal of a fully developed infrastructure.With great respect am adding up that he should not be a part of the political race.People needs his service in future as a technocrat and not as a politician.

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    My opinion coincides with yours. A technocrat and an engineer as a president will surely do good to our country.
    Alas! That's only good in theory. President vests a nominal power in India. Yes, his assent is of utmost importance to carry on a rule but that's all he is for. Correct me if I'm wrong. Most of our Presidents had their roots in defence.
    And that's actually an important thing because President after all is the supreme commander of our armed forces.
    Without sufficient knowledge of warfare and strategy, a President is bound to make mistakes that would consequently be fatal.
    If the news is true and Sreedharan is to assume the position of the President of India, I just hope he will be gallant and intelligent enough to assist the government in building a better India.

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    I also do not support to Mr. Sreedharan for the post of president. President should have the thorough knowledge of political process and expert of constitution. Then only he can perform his duty effectively.
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    There is another rumor in news papers is if RSS Chief Bhagat don't agree for Presidential post Shiva Sena will propose most popular World renowned Scientist of Green revolution in India Dr. M.S. Swaminadhan like Dr.Abdul Kalam. For me that choice is good for the honorable Presidential post of India.

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    I doubt all the speculations, though the names are going round in the media. The BJP thinktank may be trying to create a hype and allowing the speculations in the air . I think they have already zeroed in someone like Sumitra Mahajan or Draupadi Murmu. Just wait and see.

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    Due to the current volatile political situations all over the country, it is imperative for a Presidential candidate to be Constitutional expert. If Dr. Swaminathan, a world-famous agricultural scientist, joins the race, I would personally oppose his candiature on the same ground, i.e., he is not a Constitutional expert.
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    It is just normal that various names float before such selections and elections. There will be deliberate rumour creations to test the waters also. There can be a ploy to keep the real probable name secret and allow all other names float around.
    Public opinion is not at all mattered in the election of President. It is the number game with the electoral college members. Now that the NDA side does not have the extra sufficient numbers, opposition parties may try to put the NDA side in pressure by various tactics.The NDA side also will use their own tactics.They have additional nuisance problem from Shiv Sena also.

    Now regarding E.Sreedharan's name, I came to hear that a few days ago only. Sreedharan is the key man responsible for Kochi Metro becoming a reality. A few days ago when the inauguration programme was announced finally( inaugurated today) there was a conspicuous absence of name of Sreedharan from the list of people to be on the dais. That caused a wide and strong uproar and protest from people . It was then that there was some media explanation or guess that Sreedharan's name was also mentioned in the NDA side for President candidature, and hence PM or PM's office felt it may be not be proper to have him seated with PM in that situation as it may lead to unwanted controversy.

    However Sreedharan himself clarified that he is not for that and there are far better candidates for President's post. So he got a seat in the dais for today's inauguration.But practically he became the star in that functions he got long and frequent applause whenever his name was mentioned by speakers.
    In choosing names for President candidature, I feel both Sreedharan and Swaminathan stand equal.

    However,among the names that are floating as of now, I feel Sushma Swaraj is the best and optimal of all. However can the NDA government spare a well performing minister at this juncture is a question.

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    I would simply say that we should not make a busy metro man a lazy president. We need the services of such a great engineer for the progress and development of our country, not to be a president and enjoy Vvip life in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Let us not try to connect Rashtrapati Bhavan with a metro man.
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    I support the candidature of Swaminathan who is the expert and initiated the green revolution in India. Now the central and state government wants to be in the good books of farmers and hence my nominating him for the Presidential post the NDA government would send a positive signal to the farming community that their future interest would be secure and safe in the hands of first citizen of India. By the way if his name is selected , even the opposition parties must be agreeing to it because he is neither a politician or siding with any party so far. So a neutral person is best choice for the post of President.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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