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    Query about account restriction to post the questions in the practice test section?

    Account is restricted to post the questions in the practice test section of the India study channel.
    Please tell me what is the reason behind it? And please allow me to post the questions in the practice test section.
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    My right to post a question remains restricted too for some unknown reason. I don't remember violating any rule.
    Maybe the members are not allowed to post a question. But why give a link saying "Post a question" then?
    But thanks, I didn't notice this until now.

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    I would like to advise you to read these:
    1. Posting Limits
    2. Sectionwise FAQs

    Also, as advised by other members, do spend some time reading all the various guidelines & guidance provided at the pages of Help Topics.

    Aditya - although you are not a fresher as such, I don't think you seem to have updated your knowledge about ISC rules, features & general instructions. Please spend some time going through all of the above.

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