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    Do you support online application and online examination?

    Although we talk high about India's progress in IT sector, but, in actuality, in India, less than 20% people have regular access to computer. Less than 10% people can be called technology-savyy. Although younger generation has better access to computer, but even within this group, less than 50% students of rural and semi-urban localities are proficient in computers.

    Nowadays in respect of Government services, application forms are being filled up online. In the upcoming SSCCGL Examination-2017, the fourth stage will be held online on MS-Office. Because of unsatisfactory Internet connectivity in semi-urban and rural areas, the meritorious but less computer-proficient students will have a distinct disadvantage. Even in larger cities, we have seen that many students could not fill up online application forms properly (In NEET-2017 examination, we know that many such complaints have been received.)

    In Government services, maximum stress is given on equal opportunity. Government service is open for the candidates of remotest areas of the country. But due to this online application and online examination, the chance of rural/semi-urban students getting selected for Govt. service is becoming less. Same is applicable for different courses. This is also not good for the Government, because Government won't be able to utilise the services of meritorious students who are less tech-savyy.

    I strongly object to the system of online application and online examination because it is disadvantageous to the semi-urban and rural students. What is the opinion of other Members in this regard?
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    Mr. Partha, Recently in our ISC platform itself a good GD was conducted on Offline and Online examinations. Many members have participated in this GD and have given their valuable opinions. So I request you to please refer the following link:-
    What is the better mode of examination: Online or Offline? - Active GD

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    For application submission, in present state of conditions, there should be an option to apply offline also. Otherwise many people will miss the opportunity. As mentioned in the post only limited persons are having access to internet. Once the application is submitted and accepted, further it may not make much difference in writing the exam online or offline. But one disadvantage is many people from remote areas is not very well conversant with the online exam. But all mandal headquarters are having the internet facility and internet centres are in force. So in the coming future all will get accustomed with online examination. As such for some more time the candidates should have an option to select either of the one.

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    Thanks Mr. Kambhampati. I also participated in the debate. However, in this particular thread, I am going to put stress on Government recruitment. The salient features of Govt.recruitment is to give equal opportunity and get best candidates from all over India. If more stress is given on online examination, Govt. woul not be able to tap the valuable human resources avaiable in the rural/semi-urban areas of the country.
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    As far as filling of application is considered online mode is far better and convinient than offline mode but when it comes to taking exams offline mode is better.
    Filling online application form saves much time for candidate and they don't have to go through various process of manually
    - buying form
    -filling them
    -sending them to various official address that during correct duration of time.

    And a candidate can fill these application forms from any cyber cafe even if he/she is not technically sound with less cost involving than above three process and even people from rural background can apply for these forms via various cyber cafes.
    But for taking exams candidate need to have technical knowledge about how to work on a computer and become cumbersome and complicated for students belonging to rural areas.

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    Ms. Joshi: You have been talking about yourself. What about large number of Indian students from small cities and villages who are equally intelligent (if not more) but less computer-savy.
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    My contention is that I am in favor of on line application but not in favor of on line exam for various reasons. Firstly not every one is computer expert to accept on line exams. Secondly only few colleges have computer labs and in that too there may not be more than 100 computers. That means if a exam has to be conducted in a college, only for 100 students it may suffice. Not all college would be having grand computer lab. In the recently concluded AIIMS on line exam, the candidates came from far and near to a particular college center where the computers were more. So compliance with having more computers in the college is the criteria and I fear not all college are equipped. Moreover the candidates does not have the OMR copy so that they can review what they have done in the exam hall. One has to wait for the result day on which both OMR and Key are released and that suspense and tension to the parents is great.
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    I'm kind of skeptical about your stats. 70% of students own smart phones nowadays. It is very possible that they must be good with INTERNET. I think it's amazing that we can apply and attend an examination online.
    This would free me from the burden of traveling and searching for my exam center. Moreover online payments are safer and the process is a chain one. Even your modifications are saved, if you wanted to skip the online registration and continue later. That'd never be the case with offline application.
    Fortunately or unfortunately, one cannot cheat in the online examination.
    I see no reason why online application and examination would be a problem. If any candidate considers himself incapable of applying on his own, he can just visit the nearby net-center and get his work done.

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