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    To cut one’s own nose to show bad omen for another

    What I have given as title is a loos translation of a Malayalam proverb. The original in Malayalam when transliterate reads" Swantam mooku murichchum aaraante shakunam mudakkal".

    It was a superstitious belief that if someone comes in front of us bleeding then that is a bad omen. So when we want to block the path of someone(whom we do not like or we hate) we cut our own nose to bleed and stand in his way. That will stop him from proceeding and he will be disappointed. The proverb is based on that.

    Some people are like that. Just to take vengeance on someone they even put themselves to difficulties. They simply forget the pain they inflict on themselves, but feel happy that their adversary gets pain. There is another proverbin Malayalam which explains the latter situation" Aangala chaththaalum vendilla naththoonte kanneeru kaananam"- Don't mind even if brother dies, but has to see tears of sister-in-law.

    Have you seen such things happening to you or around you? Having now learned such a proverb do you now feel to interpret anything in that lines? Or you may also create some better examples also.
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    From the above proverbs it is quite clear that human beings are selfish and wont mind getting solace from others problems, agony and pain. There is always a inner instinct in us to have our own share and also bit of share of others too. This greediness in us pave way for all sorts of miss understandings and quarrellings. But we wont mind even that. Gone are the days when the elders irrespective of persons known to them would wish and give boon that they may prosper with 16 children. In Tamil the boon goes likes this " Padhinaru petru peru vazhvu vazhga". Now this wish has no relevance in present day as no one is going to bear 16 children and that is unimaginable. But what I am trying to imply here that in those days the people were so kind and adjusting that they wont inflict any kind of bad thinking even in dreams on others.
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    In Telugu there is similar such saying, " thanaki oka kannu poindane badha kantae inkodiki rendu kallu poindane santosham ekkuva." the meaning of this proverb is "A person don't feel sad even he lost one eye but feels very happy that his enemy lost two eyes'.

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    Fortunately I haven't met anyone that evil in my life yet. And my generation doesn't really believe in vengeance. We are all peace-lovers. We don't believe in superstitions either.
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    I want to narrate a story which was told by my grandfather during my childhood. There were two brothers, Both of them were praying for Lord Shiva. One day Lord Shiva appeared before one of the two and asked him about his wish. He asked Shiva to give double the quantity of what he was giving to his brother. Lord Shiva gone to the second one. He asked Shiva about his brother's wish. Lord Shiva explained the wish of his brother. He immediately he asked Shiva to remove one of the two eyes. He has done it. Automatically the first one lost both the eyes. The story explains the cruel nature of the people and happy feeling at others loss.

    Human mentality is very clearly explained in this story. I have seen many people with this mentality. Especially in corporate world to kill competition the gimmicks played big companies are so cruel that all small players will die.

    Even in personal life also there are people who always feel happy at others loss. Be fair and enjoy the victory of others also as yours. This should be the attitude. But many don't have this

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