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    Why some people are unmindful when so many issues are happening and they wont respond ?

    I really wonder at those people who are so casual in their life and they wont care what is happening around them and they are very life centric about their present and future requirements. Seldom they give their time and they are usually unmindful of happenings around them. When we are in the society, we should respond to the issues either supporting or rejecting it. By remaining mute we are giving credence to the wrong doers to go big on the issue. What is your take on this. Do you respond to the happenings around you or simply ignore and leave it to the law to take its own course. ?
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    It is human to respond to the evil happenings around us. But many people who are trying to respond take some action are finally becoming victims of the law. So many people keeping quiet. In the present day society when we go question somebody for his misdeeds nobody comes with us and support us. Everybody will be silent. So evildoers are riding over the other civilians.

    One day I have noticed a group of students smoking in open. I have gone and told them that it is not correct to smoke in public places. I warned the shopkeeper also about this. But they continue smoking there. When I go that way they try to hide the cigarettes in their hands. Many will be going that way but nobody tells them not to smoke. This is the present day society.

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    Most people have issues of their own to resolve, or problems of their own to take care of, so they have hardly the time or the means to look around and notice anything. The day-to-day challenges and stress levels are mounting, so people are becoming increasingly insensitive to things happening around them. Well, this is just one reason I can think of!

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    Shobha what you observed is right. But where is the humanity in everybody. We cannot be such selfish ?
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