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    Why some people want to keep their high planning a secret and reveal after achieved it ?

    I have invariably seen that some people wont boast of their surge in the life and they keep everything secret , even the small and biggest planning are kept secret and they would reveal only after the accomplishment of the same. One of my friend is of this character and I asked him why he goes sulking and wont reveal his future plans unlike others. For that he replied that when he says about his future plans and if it wont happens it would hurt him most and that situation he does not want to happen. What is your views on his observation ? How do you behave in this regard ?
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    In most cases people often hide things while planning for something big or great because of low confidence, fear of faliure or losing and fear of stigma which faliure brings.
    These fear makes people weak, and such weakness sometime causes to make a person stagnant even before trying something.
    And for others this fear leads to having a habbit of keepibg secrets and working out everything in a very clandistine manner so no one have to know what one is planning to achieve.
    As far as my reaction to such situation, I don't hide my plans for anything but when I don't have faith or confidence in the thing I am planning to suceed, I keep it secret.

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    Neelam you made the candid admission. Yes I too agree that when one is confident of achieving the success, what is wrong to share with others. After all no one would steal your talent.
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    I feel doing something big is all about doing something unexpected and one tries for something unexpected, the chances are there that he would be made overcautious about the results or outcomes and that could be the very hindrance to the first step towards the completion of that big thing. There is some vision that is always endorsed and appreciated by an individual who seems to work for it and when he discuss it with another individual he could not notice the same idea and maybe he discourages the former from doing that. And telling is not about just a matter of confidence, it's about not having a luxury of any sceptical idea from anyone who could implant an idea of uncertainty in your devotion because no matter how much inspired we are, any discouragement from our near ones could make us doubt our ability.

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    Generally it is better to discuss our planning for achieving our goals with our near and dear. This helps us in having a better planning and wherever there are flaws those can be rectified.
    But at the same time go on discussing with all is also not correct. Too many cooks spoil the dish.
    So one should decide on sharing their planning with the people who really can help them. It is not the question of fear,it is all about usefulness. We need not advertise our plan and success in newspapers. If you feel that somebody can put in some additional in puts you can discuss with them.
    Some people will be jealous of others victory and discussing with such kind of people is futile. Instead of encouraging they may discourage you. You all know the role played by Salya the Chariot driver of Karna in the downfall of Karna. We should be beware of such kind of people,

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    Due to avoid intervention or prevention from others.But it is bad sometimes as we would lose valuable guidance for betterment.we can hide or make secret to such persons by identifying.

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    There are many reasons for this intentional behaviour -
    1. People do not want to tell their plan as they are afraid someone will hijack it.
    2. They can not hear about their failures so only tell after they succeed.
    3. It may be a superstition.
    4. Their may be some official reason of hiding it - for example hiding from their employer.

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    Trade secrets and strategies are not revealed until implemented and practised. New inventions are kept secret until patented. War strategies are not revealed for confidentiality.

    It is same in individual's case also. When there is competition or rivalry and the winner only gets the reward or award, participants do not divulge strategy. However when it is team work the strategies can be discussed as the winner or loser is the team as a whole.

    I was quite open and transparent disclosing all my study plans and homework during my academic days. By this I was reinforcing my own strength and even helping other also to in and get good scores. Later on, I realised that this is possible in academic period because each student can score the maximum all the hundred persons can be first rank also.

    But I had to leave this habit after I got some bitter experience. On a couple of occasions when I divulged my plans and strategy, it was coolly adapted by some others who pre-empted as they need not work for the strategy , and they got the limelight. I had to be disappointed naturally. After one or two more such incidents I learned the lesson and started playing cards close to my chest.

    Let us be aware that there are some smarter people who can work 'wonders' making the duplicate as original and the original becomes fake and copied in others eyes. So beware.

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