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    When some one is reading a book or news paper, do you have the habit of peeping at that ?

    When we travel by bus or train for a long journey, naturally we would like to take to reading of books or news paper. But the fellow passengers would certainly peep into the contents and some have the liberty to ask for the inside pages of the paper which really irritates me. For me I want to read the book or news paper without disturbance and I am totally against those who seek part of new paper for their reading pleasure. What is your view on this ? Will you part the book or news paper as sought by fellow passengers ?
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    I never peep at or share the fellow passenger's book or newspaper or magazine. But I will be pleased to share my paper with my co-passenger if demanded. What I lose by doing so!
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    After finishing your reading, you may pleased to share the paper, but I am talking about at the first instance itself ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now a days we are having online Apps. of e-news papers. With the help of our Smart phone we can read any part of the news paper instantly. So there is no peeping for reading news paper while we are travelling at present.

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    Even when some one does not have smart phone with INTERNET, the fellow passenger would peep into that casually .
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Perhaps after reaching to a certain level, it would be looking odd for us, if someone peeps into the news paper while we are reading. News paper and books represent the yesteryear reading habits while the Whats App messages or online newspaper reflect our present trend. But the difference is common at any point of time, strictly speaking, the affordability.

    Subscribing a News paper or a magazine might be a difficult one to share in the earning of the parents/self at that point of time while to subscribe for the monthly data voucher or owning a smart phone may be difficult for many in the present trend. But the eagerness to know the current affairs or other areas of interest makes the person beside you to peep into it.

    While in journeys, it may be different. Some people may hesitate to ask you to lend it but can't prevent themselves to know the happenings by peeping into the document you hold it.


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    Education and knowledge is such a thing that should be shared. In the first instant itself, I won't mind to part the newspaper or the second book, if demanded.
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    As far as our reading is not obstructed there is no problem somebody peeps into our newspaper when we are reading a paper. If somebody peeping in, generally I give some papers of the newspaper to him to read so that there is no disturbance from one to other.
    I think this is a good practice. We are not loosing anything out of this. I will also ask the fellow passengers if they are carrying any book with them. I will look into it and give back. I don't have any problem in either giving or asking.
    This is a very general practice by many and I don't find anything odd in this.

    always confident

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    Normally I won't do,but sometimes when I see some important information during my city bus journey, I do,though I felt it is bad.

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    I had this habit earlier.It was when there were only printed newspapers and magazines;no TV ,internet, etc.
    When I used to travel and if I notice someone reading a different newspaper or magazine which I do not subscribe or which is not popular in our place, I try to glance the page the other person is reading. Then when he finishes I used to politely ask for reading it till he or I get down. Those times it was not considered as intrusion or inconvenience. Many times we become familiar and enjoy the remaining journey taking. The same happens reverse also-someone peeping into what I read. But those were tolerated earlier.

    But after the advent of smartphones , mobile net and news apps I have not felt any necessity to peep into what somebody s reading.

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    yes I agree it is a very bad habit but some times it may seems going to be fun when we do this with our friends but same activity with elders makes them temper and they can scold us.
    actually this habit generated by our mind reactions on the newspapers heading. For example if a person is very interested in sports, if he has seen a heading related to sports then obviously his attention moves towards it and starts to peep in it. some times it is converging if two peoples have same taste and preferences because they both can read their converging topic with lots of enjoy.
    but if both persons have different thoughts then it may leads to fights and disturbances between their relation. I have seen many group newspaper readers like a person sitting with newspaper and starts reading it and other people quite and listen it after reading they have a great discuss about it.

    In my view Peeping is a bad habit avoid it.

    "Never try to peep in other's life because you can get hurt, Try to peep in you and get rectify to become best".

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    Very interesting thread. Long back it was very common practice to ask a part of newspaper from the fellow passenger. Now a days because of large mobile penetration in our lives this thing has gone in background.

    Actually everyone is having, if not much, some element of curiosity and peeping is a result of this. We want to know what our fellow passenger is reading. What is the subject of his interest.

    No doubt it is a bad habit. We should not intrude in the privacy of any person. Some people are very private and do not like disturbance of any kind so one should not be informal or frank with them without their invitation.

    Interestingly some people are so ill mannered that they feel it their right to use the newspaper, water bottle etc of a fellow passenger and always complain of the shrewd companions who do not talk to them. Anyway such people often get insulted also and repent on their ill manners.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Even now I peep, especially when the reader is reading a thriller.
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    From the responses it is quite clear that for a keen observer about the happenings around, peeping has become compulsory to know many things.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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